Maths topic Time and Work 

Gujarat Goverment All Compettetive Exam Mathemetics is very important subject and time and work is very important point in maths. And all competetive exam 2 marks minimum exampel is time and work.

Our side all competertive exam releted important topic solution and material upload in our side today time and work problem solution trick and solution with formula so very useful of all comepetetive exam by goverment.

A completes a Task in 40 Days. A keeps doing the same thing for 5 days. Then be Completesthe remaining Work in 21 days. Find the total (days) you need to complete the work.

Time & work base questions

A×40 = A×5 + B×21
35A= 21B
A/B= 3/5

Total work = A×40
                           = 3×40
                           = 120

A&B both work  = 120/8.        
  A&B  both efficiency = 3+5 = 8

A&B work by total day = 120/8
                                                       = 15 day

Answer 15 day