M.Ed Semester  4  Paper 2 Issue and Challenges in Secondary Education  

Shri Govindguru University, Godhara

M.Ed. (Master of Education) Paper 2 Issue and Challenges in Secondary Education  MED1E405 SYLLABUS

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After completion of this course the student shall be able to

1. Understand different forms and issues of inequality and inequity in education, and the ways to address the min the school and class room situations.

2. Realize the importance of the right to education and the provisions in the RTE Act 2009.

 3. Identify the indicators and standards of quality in education and implement the strategies for enhancing the quality of school education.
4. Understand the domains of human rights and role of education to safeguard the rights.

 5. Realize the need for integration of environmental concerns in school education.

 6. Understand the strategies for development to skills and the role of teachers in developing the life skills.

7. State relation between population growth and environmental population

Unit-1 Equality and Equity in Education

1. Equality and equity: Meaning, need and importance; Equality of educational opportunities –Related Constitutional provisions.

2. Nature and forms of inequality with reference to Gender, Socio- Economic Status, socio-cultural status, Minority (Linguistic & Religious), Locality(Rural-UrbanTribal), Children with special needs(CWSN). Inclusive Education for addressing inequity.

 3. RTE, SSA and RMSA; Provisions for addressing inequality

Unit-2 Quality in Education

 1. Concept of quality in Education; Indicators of Quality Education-Academic and Organizational and Role of teachers for enhancing quality in education.

2. Quality improvement in education– setting up standards for performance, supporting inputs, adoption of flexible strategies for learning and monitoring

 3. Organizational strategies for enhancement of quality in school education.

 4. Resources up port institutions for quality enhancement: NCERT, NUEPA, NIOS, DRC– Structure and functions

Unit-3Human Rights and Peace Education

1. Human rights: Concept, fundamental rights in Indian constitution & background to humanities

 2. Domain of Human Rights: RTI, Poverty, Child Labor ,Child Rights, Rights of Woman; Social role of Education in safe guarding Human Rights

3. Peace Education: Concept and relevance in National and International contexts; Quality of life and Peace

 4. Role of education in promoting peace.

 Unit-4: Education for environmental concerns

 1. Protection and conservation of environment– need are importance in global and local contexts.

2. Policies for protecting and conserving environment and Measures for environmental conservation: Management of Natural Resources, Bi o-diversity concept of sustainable development

3. Environmental Education: Integration of environmental concerns in school curriculum

 4.Strategiesforsensitizinglearnerstowardsprotectionofenvironmentanditsconservati on and Relation between population growth and Environmental Pollution

Suggested Practical Work:

Each student-teacher is required to submit one assignment selecting from are a given below:

1. Observation and reporting on fulfilment of RTE provisions in any school.

2. Identification of Iniquitous treatment observed in classroom and school 
situations and pre parathion of report.

3. Assessment of quality of education in any school as per the organizational/academic indicators.

 4. Analysis of anyone textbook with regard to incorporation of environmental concerns.


6. Observation and reporting on violation of child rights in any locality

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