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Exceptions of Behavioural Technology
1.     Teacher's behavior is social and psychological.
2.     Teacher's behavior is observable.
3.     Teacher's behavior is measurable.
4.     Teacher's behavior is modifiable.
5.     Teachers are not in born only they can be produced even.

Features of Behavioural Technology
1.     Its basic foundation is psychology.
2.     Reinforcement and feedback are emphasized in it.
3.     The teaching acts are evaluated from the objective point of view.
4.     It is more focused on psychomotor objectives,
5.     It is based upon software approach.
6.     It is more used in the teacher's training institutions.
7.     Its attention can be focused upon individual differences of pupil-teachers.

2. Educational Technology

In Educational Technology, the presentation of the contents is described in or out of the class. The pupils are motivated for learning in both, instruction and teaching but still there is much difference between these two. Instruction means communication of information. Other persons and methods than a teacher can do
this. For example, various types of audio-visual aids can guide the 

to seek cause and effect relationships, and to discover reasons as well as information and open up opportunities for formulating and testing generalizations.

1.     The problem should be within the realm of the past experiences of the children with an impact upon them.
2.     The problem should illumine one's effort to meet basic human activities, and shed light on the role of basic human activities in community life.
3.     In order to understand the meaningful evolvement of the students problem there are enough opportunities made available in the society. Various instructional resources must be sufficient to meet the several duties of the children.
4.     In this method student finds and collects various information evaluate them and then make reports for solving the problem. Through thus method, children deduce themselves to form different viewpoint.

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