National Family Support Sceam

NFBS Yojana

Vriddha Kalyan Sankatmochan (Rashtriya Kutumbasahay) Yojana

 Sankatmochan (National Family Assistance) Scheme

 The deceased male or female should be above 18 years of age and below 30 years of age.

Must apply within 3 years of death.

family  Main persome dies, Rs.  20,000 / - is provided through DBT (Direct Account Deposit).

Where to get application form?

Collector Office, Mamladar Office, Janseva Kendra.

On the occasion of Maharana Pratapji's 70th birth anniversary ..

Here are some inspiring stories about his life.

 Maharana Pratap is considered to be India's first freedom fighter.  Maharana Pratap's bravery is world famous.  He relinquished his throne for the freedom and pride of his motherland and he also spent his life in the jungles. He did not even bow his head until the death of the Mughal emperor Akbar.  In the pages of history, Maharana Pratap's bravery and his self-esteem became immortal forever.  And today Maharana Pratap has also become an inspiration for millions of people.

 Maharana Pratap was born on 9 May 1540 in Mewar in present day Rajasthan.  Maharana Pratap was the son of Raja Uday Singh of Mewar.  Maharana Pratap was brave and courageous from his childhood.  He fought with many great empires for the protection and self-respect of his motherland all his life.  When Akbar's empire was being established all over India, Maharana Pratap was the only king of the 16th century who dared to stand against Akbar.  He struggled all his life, but never surrendered himself to Akbar.

 Maharana Pratap was seven and a half feet tall and weighed 110 kg.  His protective armor weighed 72 kg and his spear weighed 80 kg.  When fighting with armor, spears, shields, and swords, they weighed more than 200 pounds [200 kg].  Even today Maharana Pratap's armor, sword etc. are kept in the museum of Udaipur Rajvi.

 The great battle of Haldighati was fought in 1576 between Maharana Pratap and Akbar's army.  In this battle Maharana Pratap's army had only 20,000 soldiers while Akbar's army had 85000 soldiers.  Despite Akbar's vast army and power of resources, Maharana Pratap did not give up and continued to fight for the honor of the motherland.  The battle of Haldighati was so fierce that even 300 years after the battle his swords were found there.  The last stock of swords was found in Haldighati in 1985.

 Along with the bravery of Maharana Pratap, the bravery of his horse Chetak has also become world famous.  Chetak was a very prudent and brave horse who saved Maharana Pratap by jumping 26 feet deep without worrying about his life.  A temple of Chetak still stands in the battlefield of Haldighati.

 Maharana Pratap will always be a symbol of faith and self-respect for Indians with his mastery of virtues like patriotism, renunciation, sacrifice, struggle.  ..

 Koti Koti Naman on the occasion of Maharana Pratapji's 70th birth anniversary

Where to apply?

Under this scheme, application has to be made to the concerned Taluka Mamlatdar for all urban or rural areas.

The amount of assistance to the beneficiary is credited to the beneficiary's account by DBT.  Is submitted by.

 Note: - Taluka Mamlatdars have the power to sanction the amount under this scheme.

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