Exam Realeted News

UGC Rules for now Corona effected university exam guidelines announced by UGC.

An official letter has been issued by the Department of Education to conduct examinations of colleges and universities.

 Which year / semester exams will be taken

 When will the exam be taken?

 What are the new rules

Most of students are suffering from anxiety at some level during
an examination. However, when anxiety affects examination performance
it has become a problem. Examination anxiety is actually a type of
performance anxiety-a feeling someone might have in a situation where
performance really count or when pressure’s on to do well. Examination
anxiety can bring a stomachache or headache. Some people might feel
shaky, sweaty; feel their heart beating quickly as they wait for the test to
be given out. A student with really strong test anxiety may even feel like
he or she might pass out or throw up.

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