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 These have been listed arbitrarily and not in any definite order, with some dovetailing of the various problems.

Brownell and Williams have prepared what they term a "check list” which has been utilized with success by some teachers and writers in health education. It can be utilized to insure that important health topics are not overlooked. Their check list follows:

1.    Personal regimen, Food, shelter, clothing, sleep, play, elimination, cleanliness, and similar factors. This area of concentration deals with health matters related to self and for which the person is largely responsible.
2.    Safety, Personal safety, the protection of others against accidents, and the elements of first aid.
3.    Mental hygiene. The establishment of emotional stability and control, the causes and customes of improper mental health, and the development of personality.
4.     Social hygiene. Appropriate home and family experiences, proper male and female relationships, and approved sex instruction...
5.    Professional health services. The work of physicians, nurses, dentists, hospitals, and
6.    clinics, and home care of the sick. Public health. Health factors and agencies affecting the general public, and the work of public health organizations.
7.    Temperance, Moderation and control in all life activities, with special reference to alcohol, tobacco, tea, coffee, narcotics, and other harmful drugs.

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 Kilander in discussing trends in health education in secondary schools based upon a review of twenty-two state courses of study, points, out that the trend is to include instruction in these ten major areas.