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Important announcement by Rupani government

Records of recruitment process in Panchayat Service Selection Board.

 Immediate appointment letters will be issued for 28 thousand posts.

Recruitment process commands in GGPSC Secondary Service Selection Board.

20000 thousand youths will be recruited in 5 months.

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It accepts school as a system. In this system, the school building, furniture and teacher act as input while various methods, techniques, strategies and the teaching and examination with the help of audio-visual aids' function in the form of a process. Lastly, the output is in the form of ability of the pupils.

Engineering. Technology is not the educational technology because the engineering technology has manufactured radio, tape- recorder, video-tape and T.V. etc., which are used in teaching as audio-visual aids, but still engineering technology is different from educational technology.' In education, it is accepted as hardware approach only.

Audio-visual aids cannot be termed as Educational Technology. It is because its concern is only with the process-aspect of educational technology and not with the input and output aspects. But if these A V. aids are used to achieve educational
objectives, then it can be put in the category of educational technology.

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 It can never replace the teacher, because of three aspects of Educational Technology. (1) Input, (2) Process and (3) Output. Input is the teacher's job and therefore, educational technology cannot snatch the place of a teacher. In spite of this Educational Technology develops cognitive domain only and not the affective domain. Affective domain can only be developed when an interaction between teachers and pupils takes place. Hence, educational technology cannot replace.