Octobar Ekam Kasoti Question Paper

The model paper has been released by Jack Board for the matriculation examination, but the intermediate intermediate model paper has not been released yet.

“The fundamental determinants of health, apart from the genetic constitution, are nutrition, environment and lifestyle; the health of any rural Indian society is directly linked to it, value system, cultural traditions, socio-economic set up and political organizations. Each of these has a profound influence on the health of an individual or community. Any health education programme cannot be limited to health care delivery, but should also be directed to bring about the cultural, economic, social and political transformation of the society as a whole, through the process of education.”


Our current research into students' perceptions of health, which involves extensive individual interviews where students explain their understanding of factors which they believe to be important to their own health, supports the emphasis on the health of the individual defined mainly in physical terms. Indeed when we asked them to explain what they thought would contribute to how long they would live, a completely new dimension of categories emerged pollution, luck, accidents, war, heredity all factors beyond an individual's control. What does this finding mean as to how students value the quality of their future lives?”


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