SGGU University B.ED Sem 3 old Paper 

Shri Govindguru University Godhra B.ed. Semster 3 Old Paper Genral Subject And Method All Paper Availabel Here Dowanlod Below Link.

Objectives of the course :

After going through the course the teacher trainee will be able:

□ Understand the concept of sex, gender, transgender and gender role development.

□ To prepare student teachers for solving various sexual abuses and harassment issues in 

school and society.

□ To observe and develop strategies and skills for manifestations of gender inequalities in 

school and society.

Unit-1 Gender : concept and perspectives

Conceptual foundations: Sex and Gender, Gender Equality, Gender Bias, Gender 

Stereotype and Empowerment.

Historical perspective and current scenario of the social role of an Indian woman.

patriarchy and matriarchy social tradition

Portrayals of an Indian woman -In units like family, caste, religion and culture In 

media and popular culture; films, television, advertisement, film songs etc.

Unit-2 Gender bias

Gender sensitivity : meaning and concepts

Gender bias in Schooling and in text books, curricular choices and the hidden 

curriculum.(Teacher attitudes, classroom interaction and peer culture).

Role of education in gender sensitization – Identifying education as a catalyst 

agent for gender equality.

Gender bias: health and nutrition, education, employment 

Unit-3 Gender related issuesin India

Gender related issues and theirreasons

Child marriage, female feticide and femaleinfanticide

Sexual harassment and abuse, Dowry

Domestic violence, Gender discrimination at the workplace 

Unit-4 Role of the government

Constitutional provisions for gender parity

Legal provisions for women

Role of MHRD for women empowerment

Role of Ministry of women and child development in ensuring gender parity.

Objectives of the course:

After going through the course the teacher trainee will be able:

 Understand the concept of inclusive school

 Understand Culture, policies and practices to create an inclusive school

 Understand Concept of integral humanism

 Understand the instructional strategies for inclusion of disabledchild

 Understand the policies for promotion of inclusive school

 Understand evaluation tools of disablechildren 

Unit – 1 Inclusive School

Inclusive School: Concept, Need, Merits and itsimportance.

Difference between Special, Integrated and InclusiveEducation.

Indicators for Inclusive Education (Booth and Ainscow‟s Index forInclusion, 


Introduction to Index for Inclusion

Indicators for Creating Inclusive Culture, Producing InclusivePolicies, 

Evolving Inclusive Practices


Unit – 2 Disability and disabled child

Disability: Meaning and concept

Disabled child: Meaning, Characteristics, Instructional Strategies and Inclusion

Blindness or low vision

Deaf or Hard-of-Hearing

Physical disabilities

Disabled child: Meaning, Characteristics, Instructional Strategies and Inclusion

Psychiatric disabilities


Disabled child: Meaning, Characteristics, Instructional Strategies and Inclusion

Speech and Language disability

Learning disabilities/Slow learners Unit –

3 Policiesfor promotion of inclusive school

UN Convention on Rights of Person with Disability (UNESCO, 2006)

Policy guidelines on inclusion in Education by (UNESCO,2009)

National level policies for education of children withdisabilities

Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan (SSA)

3.3.2 NCF, 2005

3.3.3 Right to Education Act -2009

Contribution of Social sectors, NGO and semi governmentbodies.



Dowanload Method Pepar 

 Teaching, Learning and Evaluation for Disabled Child

Teaching Strategies for disabled child

Counseling for disabled child and parents

Interview and visit of parentsand families

Motivation and self-reliant

Evaluation of disabled child

Formal Evaluation

Informal Evaluation

Role of School, Teacher, Peer, Parents and society for disabled child