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The counting of votes for the 8th Gujarat Assembly by-election is scheduled for tomorrow. Counting will take place at a total of 25 counting centers for 8 seats in the by-elections. There will be 2 - 2 counting centers for 7 assembly seats, while there will be 3 counting centers for Limbdi seat. Ballot papers will be counted at one counting center per eighth seat of the Legislative Assembly. Counting of votes will be conducted on a total of 97 tables for 8 assemblies.

Votes will be counted by thermal scanning, masks and social distance at each polling station. The monitor display will be turned off so that the agent does not get in trouble due to the social distance per table. A medical team will be available at each counting center. A staff of 320 will be present at the counting centers

By-elections were held on November 3 in eight seats
By-elections were held on November 3 in eight assembly constituencies in Abadsa, Morbi, Dhari, Gadha, Limmadi, Karjan, Kaprada and Dang. All these meetings were aggressively campaigned by the BJP. All the meetings were held by the team of state president CR Patil and the network of local organizations was strengthened. Tomorrow, October 10, is the first stage of Patil's examination.

Possibility of slight delay in counting of votes: Officer
State Chief Electoral Officer S. Muralikrishna said there is a norm of 1,500 voters at a single polling station at a time. This time the ratio has been increased to 1 thousand voters due to the Kovid guideline. So the number of EVMs has also increased and the tables and rounds have been arranged accordingly. Which is likely to cause a slight delay in the counting of votes.

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 Controversial content areas in health education 

The question often arises as to whether such controversial subjects as sex, narcotics, or alcohol education should be provided for in health education. The fact that some of these problems are more pronounced in certain communities, and possibly restricted to some population groups, together with the fact that some education might tend to stimulate curiosity, are reasons put forth for not including them in courses of study. 

      On the other hand, instruction in regard to the ill effects of narcotics and alcohol is required by law in many states. Furthermore, it is felt that if children and youth are provided with the facts, intelligent instruction in these subjects will act as a preventive measure. In the area of sex education, it is believed that the term “sex education” creates opposition among many parents and church groups and consequently should not be used. If it is introduced in the natural process of instruction without undue emphasis, much good can be done. 


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  Health education is not the only area in which discussions of sex, narcotics and alcohol should take place. Social studies, biology, general science, physical education, and other classes also have a responsibility. Many phases of these subjects logically fit into certain aspects of these courses. Teachers most appreciate the importance of such instruction and the need for dealing with these subjects objectively on the basic of the facts. It is not necessary for the teacher to take a definite stand and act in the capacity of a minister preaching on the subject. Instead, if students obtain the necessary facts through research or some other methods and then interpret them intelligently, the right answers will be clear. The students make their own decisions, not on the hasis of the teacher's position but on the basis of the facts which they have collected.