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 Rajkot Municipal Corporation Junior Clerk Recruitment Announcement Announcement To fill the vacancies of Junior Clerk Cadre of 

Rajkot Municipal Corporation on 16/01/2071 Public Information was published in the following table-A details, in which the following  Applications are invited online only from the date of publication of the announcement of amendment for the category of Physically Handicapped and Ex-Serviceman in the details of Table-B 

till 15/06/2021, Wednesday. 

 Table - Name of the place Total Level Vacancies Vacancies Reserved for Women out of Class Vacancies "Reserved Non-Reserved Schedule among Eyo.

 Jan Bin Abraman Sha Ririk Anshakt Sa, Rau, P, (General) Junior Clerk ૪ 12 Table - B Name of Total Total  Reserved Physically Handicapped Ex-Serviceman Junior Clark જગ્યા Note: Blindness Low Visual Impairment Hearing Impairment Movement Impairment or Brain Paralysis 50% to 2% xox e gux OA (ONE ARM) .OL (ONE LEG), BL  (ONE ARM ONE LEG)

 (1) Application is invited only for the candidates of Physically Handicapped and Ex-Servicemen category as shown in Table-B as per this amendment advertisement.  ) 

Physically Handicapped Candidates are subject to the Medical Certificate of the Superintendent / Civil Surgeon prescribed from Circular No. - Perch - 102008-8 30g.2 of the General Administration Department dated 1-12-2008 to 10 (ten) years in the upper age limit and women candidates up to six (six) years. 

 03 (five) year special exemption maximum 3  Will be receivable within the year limit.  (2) Candidates with physical disability will have to show the percentage / details of their disability in the Personal Details in the Online Form. 

 (2) Candidates who will be selected for the posts reserved for the physically challenged and ex-servicemen will be in the category (Non-reserved economically weaker classes / SC / ST / SC / ST).  Will be considered as well as it will be included in the space of the category. 

(3) Physical Disability 40% as per Resolution No. - CRR - 106008 - GOI - 4 - C.5 of SVV dated 17/02/2001  Or more, they will be entitled to the benefits of physical disability.  (2) For ex-servicemen, in the upper age limit, in addition to the service rendered in the defense service (minimum five (five) years of defense service), another 03 (three) years exemption will be given which will be in addition to the age limit exemption of the reserve category.

  (3) Candidates in the category of Physically Handicapped and Ex-Servicemen have to deposit Rs.50 / - (two hundred and fifty full) only online from the website of Rajkot Municipal Corporation.

Exam Date 09/04/2023

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 (2) All the provisions except those mentioned in this amendment advertisement shall be as per the advertisement published on 16/01/2071 and also for the candidates in the category of physically handicapped and ex-servicemen.  In case of 07/201, consideration will be given.  (Signed by BG Prajapati) Deputy Commissioner Rajkot Municipal Corporation