Department of Posts: India Business Development Cell 0/o the Chief Postmaster General Gujarat Circle, Ahmedabad-380001 To, 1. The Postmaster General, North Region, Ahmedabad 380 004 2. The Postmaster General, South Region, Vadodara 390 002 3. The Postmaster General, Saurashtra & Kutchh Region, Rajkot 360 001 No: BDC/37-26/Police/IV/2021 Instructions for collection of 

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examination fees of Lokrakshak, Class-3 to be conducted by Lokrakshak Recruitment Board-2021, Gandhinagar through Post Office under e-Payment from 01.10.2021 to 26.10.2021 under Biller ID: 70118 Biller

 Name: LOKRAKSHAK RECRUITMENT 2021 (LRB/202122/2). Date: 27-09-2021 Sub: The Chief Postmaster General, Gujarat Circle has approved the proposal for collection of examination fee for Lokrakshak, Class 3 to be conducted by Lokrakshak Recruitment Board- 2021, Gandhinagar through Post Office under e-Payrnent from 01.10.2021 to 26.10.2021 under Biller ID: 70118 Biller 

Name: LOKRAKSHAK RECRUITMENT 2021. Advt. No. Title LRB/202122/2 Lokrakshak, Class-3 The Post Offices will accept only examination fees from General candidates in CASH only. 

Exam fees and DOP Commission is as under: Category Exam Fee DOP Commission for collection GST Amt. (under e Payment) of Fees under E-bill post GENERAL 100 10.20 1.80 112 Counter Clerk should first accept the exam fee under e-payment and then authorize application on OJAS web portalh Counter PA has to opt for following options in the Biller ID: Application No Confirmation No 1. 2. 3. Apply For Lokrakshak (Class-3) 4. 

The Postmaster, Gandhinagar HO, Garidhinagar 382 010 will work as Nodal officer and affect the consolidated payment to the Lokrakshak Recruitment Board-2021, Gandhinagar deducting Rs.12/- per transaction after last date of acceptance of fees. The details are as under: > Rs. 100/- under the Head of Account e.Payment-collection-fees of Lokrakshak Rs.1.80/- GST. - Rs.10.20/-Charges for collection online application exam fees under e-bill Post "1201- 00-800-04-02-00". 

Remaining Operating/Accounting procedure for acceptance & collection of examination fees will remain the same. It is therefore requested to arrange to issue strict instructions that- A. 

All the applications must be authorized on OJAS on the same day of its acceptance. B. It is mandatory to print the Point Of Sale and OJAS reports (Daily) of the Biller and maintain the same report along with physical challans in record of the post office. C. It is mandatory to save the daily OJAS report by the post office. A separate folder with biller id name (i.e L'okrakshak 2021) will be created for saving the report of daily OJAS updation by the concerned post office. The saved report folder is to be maintained for a 02 months period from the last date of collection for the reconciliation purpose. 

D. In no case, fees is to be accepted after the last date as after CSI roll out, closure of Biller Id is not being reflected. E. Counter clerk should also check whether the candidate has mentioned his/her mobile no. behind his/her challan for contact, if any problem occurs. All Regional / Divisional heads are requested to identify IP/ASP working in Divisional/Regional office as a Nodal Officer for the project and they should monitor the scheme and to reconcile the data between e-payment and Ojas on a daily basis and to set right the diffetences. 

There may be heavy rush for work in the last few days. Hence, it is requested to extend the working hours for this work upto 17:00 hrs. for last 2/3 days, if necessary. If required, additional counters may be opened. Banners/ Computerized Printout regarding availability of service may please be placed in public space of computerized POs. Please give wide publicity to the scheme

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Amount. No Post Offices will effect payment to the concerned Department as it will be done centrally by the The Postmaster, Gandhinagar HO, Gandhinagar 382 010. Bdcell02/arybpr/phs/online exam fee/police/police