All University Student realeted News

This Time All world Effected of COVID19 Corona virus. And All University student Study in all the gujarat University, Shree Govind GURU UNiversity, HNGU, MS University,And All Gujarat State And Privet University  this news Annused by the Guajarat Education Minister Declered this year every field examination has been Decied by Education Department of Gujarat State Of The Goverment of Gujarat. 

 Question Answer Method
Explanation. In Question Answer method of teaching in the classroom, the teacher puts the questions to the pupils while the answers given by the pupils are supplemented and elaborated by him. In asking questions, the relevant experiences ire; the memory of the students come to the surface and the familiar and known
association help in learning and granting the unfamiliar and the unknown. The pupils readjust the old for acquiring new knowledge. As the old and the new get integrated the process of learning becomes simpler and easier.
In this question answer technique teachers use to put up questions from the students in the class which devlop a feeling in them for learning some thing new Teacher directly or indirectly ask from the pupil the questions related to past lessons and also from the topic which are related to present lesson These are generally developmental questions both the narrative and developmental questions are used in the presentation stage. It seeks the solution to the problem developed during the preparation or introduction stage. In the recapitulation or application stage, questions. Are asked to find out the grasp of the subject matter or to help the pupils apply the knowledge granted to new situations. Thus, learning is
consolidated and insight deepened.


The question answer procedure develops the pupil's insight into the lesson. It leads to the understanding and comprehension of the subject matter presented. The question-answer method ensures active participation of the pupils. Supported by different visual aids like pictures, charts, films, filmstrips, etc. and devices like dramatization in different forms this method can go a long way in sustaining the interest of the pupils.

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