Most Imp Material English Part 2

All Competetive Exam MOst IMP english materila is our site By Study nobal. this materil is very useful of all competetive exam.

1) she                        only milk in every morning.
       (a) drink       (b) drinks       (c) drank         (d) drunk

2)                        do you think ,will get the first prize ?
       (a) who       (b) whom       (c) whose         (d) how

3) don’t disturb me. I                          my less.
       (a) am reading        (b) was reading       (c) are reading         (d) were reading

4) ronak met me on the way while I                         to school.
       (a) were going        (b) have gone       (c) had gone        (d) was going

5) Anita and I don’t see                           very often.
       (a) each other        (b) us       (c) ourselves        (d) themselves

6) watch, how that peacock                          ?
       (a) are dancing       (b) is dansing       (c) was dansing        (d) were dancing

7) were you present at home while the children                        their homework?
       (a) are doing        (b) was doing       (c) is doing         (d) were doing

8) very often; I                         him helping the poor.
       (a) was seen        (b) am seen       (c) am seeing         (d) have seen

9)                      they                      the plants now?
       (a) is ,watering       (b) were ,watering       (c) are, watering        (d) was, watering

10) if he had come in time, he                         the work.
       (a) will have completed        (b)would have completed
       (c) would complete         (d) would completed

11) parth puts on a fine dress everyday.
       (a) where        (b) were       (c) wears        (d) wear

12) raj and keyur are friends.                           Are healthy.
       (a) all        (b) each      (c) both         (d) every

13) This is my book. That is                        .
       (a) your        (b) her       (c) mine        (d) yours

14) Give the verb form of FAMILIAR.
       (a) familiarize        (b) family       (c) familiarly         (d) familiarty

15) It is 8 ‘clock                           his watch
       (a) in        (b) with       (c) by        (d) on

16) I write an essay                            a pencil.
       (a) by        (b) with       (c) in         (d) on

17) Do you know under                        leadership we wom freedom?
       (a) which         (b) whom       (c) whose         (d) who

18) I have been living in Ahmedabad                        a long time.
       (a) since         (b) from       (c) for         (d) by

19) Neither you nor I                         strong.
       (a) is        (b) are      (c) were         (d) am

20) ‘Three idiots’                        an interesting film.
       (a) has        (b) am       (c) is         (d) have

21) Neither you nor kanak                         present here yesterday?
       (a) was         (b) were       (c) is          (d) are

22) The worl ‘candid’ means.
       (a) cuning       (b) tall       (c) frank        (d) cruel

23) They advised me                         early.
       (a) getting up        (b) got uo      (c) to get up         (d) gets up

24) please bring my book when you                       here again.
       (a) come        (b) will come       (c) comes        (d) coming

25) The novelist and poet                         dead.
       (a) are        (b) were        (c) is          (d) have

26) They were sad                        the match.
       (a) losing        (b) loses       (c) to lose          (d) losed

27) Ravi is not at home . he                        to play cricket.
       (a) went        (b) has gone        (c)  had gone       (d) gone

28)select a simple sentence.
       (a) inspite of his illness, he works very hard        (b) Though he is ill, he work very hard
       (c) He is ill but he work very hard.        (d) Although he is ill, he work very hard.

29) All of us went there yesterday                       ?  ( add proper question tag)
       (a) do we        (b) don’t we       (c) did’t we        (d) did we

30) The principle asked the teacher                      he had punished yesterday.
       (a) who         (b) which       (c) whose         (d) whom

31) The thief was caought while he                      a necklace.
       (a) was stealing        (b) were stealing       (c) stole        (d) is stealing

32) If you walk slowly, you                        the bus.
       (a) wil lose        (b) does lose       (c) lost        (d) have lost

33) ‘A’ is                        indefinite article.
       (a) a        (b) the        (c) an         (d) none

34) unless she work hard, she                    not                    the exam.

      (a) did ,pass        (b) will,pass       (c) do, pass         (d) has,pass

35) All                       tha class after the lecture was over.
       (a) have left        (b) had left       (c) left         (d) has left

36)                     His homework , he went to play.
       (a) completed     (b) having competed     (c)  has completed   (d)had completed

37)                      the terrorist, the police followed him.
       (a) on seeing        (b) seeing       (c) see        (d) by seeing

38) while we                       homework ,the rain started.
       (a) was doing        (b) were doing       (c) had done         (d) are doing

39) Give the antonym for EXHIBIT.
       (a) withdraw        (b) conceal       (c) prevent         (d) exibition

40) By the end of this month, they                           this work.
       (a) has finised        (b) had finised       (c) will have finised        (d) have finised

41) lastweek, I                         a good film on t.v .
       (a) were watching        (b) are watching       (c) watches         (d) watched

42) Women are wearing                         kind of jewellery.
       (a) traditition        (b) traditional       (c) tradeable         (d) traditionally

43) Light                       streaight.
       (a) travels        (b) travel       (c) travelled        (d) travelling

44) The teacher                      already                       his lecture.
       (a) had finished        (b) has finished       (c) have finished         (d) is finished

45) Tell me                       you have put my hat.
       (a) which       (b) what       (c) where         (d) whom

46) The radios                      in japan are durable and attractive .
       (a) making        (b) make       (c) makes          (d) made

47) Jaimin often                      this place.
       (a) visits         (b) visiting       (c) visit         (d) visited

48) Neither vijay nor I                        interested in watching T.V at night
       (a) have        (b) is       (c) are          (d) am

49) I am busy                          my homework.
       (a) done        (b) doing       (c) does         (d) do

50) This rule must                      by every student.
       (a) followed        (b) following       (c) is followed         (d) be followed