Big Dicision by the Gujarat Goverment

     This will be deposited in the account of the people of Rs.1000  66 lakh families will get benefit. The amount will be credited from Monday.

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Limitations of Problem Method

1.     Maurice P. Moffatt believes that like all other teaching procedures, problem method becomes monotonous if used too frequently. Hence, it can be used as one of the procedures and not as the sole method.
2.     The problem method may imply a social pertinence will value that it very seldom achieves. The pupils may believe that what they work with are actually society's problems.
3.     To give training to the pupils problem solving in the classroom means solution of simple problems. However, the solution of simple problems may lead the pupil to think-that he has acquired a technique to solve complex social problems. Thus, it is overestimates his ability.
4.     Edgar Bruce Wesley believes that the problem method may lead to the selection of trivial and untimely topics, and to those that generate more feeling and emotion than thought. This can be avoided if the teacher is cautious in selecting the problems. Wesley writes, "The problem method may become a seminar method that is too advanced for the pupils. A very capable teacher may avoid dissatisfaction and discouragement on the part of the pupils.
5.     Throwing an intellectual challenge to the pupils; the problems are largely intellectual in their nature the constant use of which may involve too little attention to activities.


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