English Material of Competetive exam

Question Answear is Underline

The Ebglish Question and fill the blanks in the  Last Competetive Exam have been posted on our site. Mark The Underline is answer of the question.

1)                      you  attend the meeting tomorrow?
    (a) do          (b) will        (c) did    (d) does

2) they                       the work before we reached there.
    (a) have started   (b) started    (c) had started  (d) has started

3) The cat caught the rat and                      it.
    (a) eat      (b) ate         (c)  eated      (d) eats           

4) she finished                     and went to school.
     (a)  cooking        (b) cooked     (c) cook      (d) cooks

5) The teacher ordered kamal to leave the toom and                 him to return
    (a) stopped    (b) refused   (c)  forbade   (d) challenged

6) will you mind                         sitting there ?
     (a) I        (b) me            (c) my       (d) mine

7) find the correct spelling
     (a) achievement    (b) achivement   (c) achevement  (d) achievment

8) he wants                             abroad.
    (a) going    (b) to go    (c) goes       (d)  gone

9) I                  just               my dinner
    (A) have taken (b) had taken (c) has taken (d) will have taken

10)  Run, the robber                       towards us       ___
      (A) coming (b) comes  (c) is coming (d) come

11)  The buffaloes                     in the field are not ours
       (a) grazed (b) to graze  (c) grazes  (d) grazing

12) no news                        good news
      (a)   am                (b) is                   (c)  are                  (d)were

13) a bunch of bananas was                      from the ceiling
       (a)  hanged                 (b)    hung                (c) hanging      (d) hunged

14) look, the birds                        in the sky now.
      (a) flew     (b) flying      (c) are flying       (d)fly

15)                        behavior impresses all.
      (a)we       (b) his      (c)she        (d) they

16) they                      me a nice story lastweek
      (a) told      (b) tell       (c) tells       (d) telling

17) both the friends were idle                      of them stood up to answer
      (a) neither     (b) either      (c) each       (d) all

18) mr. Mehta can’t come today                         ?
      (a)isn’t it      (b) can’t it      (c) can he       (d) Can’ t he

20) He was killed                        his friend
      (a) by     (b) with      (c) to       (d) on

21) it is necessary for you                         here in time
      (a) come      (b) coming      (c) to come       (d) came

22) it is I who                         responsible for the result
      (a) am     (b) is      (c) are       (d) were

23) if you had asked him , he                        you
      (a) will have halped     (b) would have halped
      (c) would have been helped        (d) helped

24) we all did                         in the test
      (a) good      (b) better      (c) goodly       (d) well

25) put proper question tag?
      (a) isn’t it     (b) is it      (c) does it       (d) wasn’t it

26)                       you take tea everyday?
      (a) do     (b) does      (c)  did      (d) doing

27) akash was sitting                       to me
      (a) nearest      (b) next      (c) further       (d) nextest

28) mayur did not                      the exam last year.
      (a) pass     (b) passing      (c) passes       (d) to pass

29) those trees                       fruits every year.
      (a) give     (b) gave      (c) gives        (d) given

30) look at all those black clouds. It                        today
      (a) will be rain     (b) rains       (c) is going to rain       (d) is raining

31)                        you doing homework now
      (a) do     (b) is      (c) are       (d) was

32) they started the work after                      some rest
      (a) took        (b) taking        (c) taken      (d) takes

33) either of the boys                       how to repair the bicycle.
       (a) know      (b) knows      (c) to know        (d) knowing

34)                       less you eat, the longer you live
       (a) A        (b) An        (c) The        (d) none of above

35)                   they                   late, they might have faced problems.
       (a) if,left       (b) had, left       (c) did leave        (d) may left

36)                     the children play here everyday?
       (a) did        (b) do      (c) does        (d) doing

37) Run, the robber                       behind?
       (a) come         (b) coming       (c) came        (d) is coming

38) English                        all over the world.
       (a) speak        (b) is spoken       (c) speaks        (d) spoke

39) nimesh is the                       of the two brother.
       (a) elder        (b) older       (c) oldest         (d) old

40) Give the noun of ‘suggest’ .
       (a) suggestive        (b) suggestion      (c) suggestable     (d) suggesting

41) This tree                         fruits every year.
       (a) give         (b) giving      (c) gives         (d) given

42) the person who conducts sales at which goods are sold to the persone making the
       Highest bid or offer is called                          .
       (a) conjurer        (b) bursar      (c) chairman        (d) auctioneer

43) we                        not buy  anything last week.
       (a) do       (b) does      (c) did        (d) doing

44) I or she                        the plants everyday.
       (a) water       (b) waters        (c) watering         (d) watered

45) There were only                     student ,so the teacher did’t engage the class
       (a) few        (b) a few      (c) any        (d) little

46)                        woman in pink dress is my auntie.
       (a) A        (b) An       (c) the        (d) no article

 47) He behaves                        hwere a great leader.
       (a) as        (b) like       (c) as if         (d) as….as

48) we shall reach there                      7p.m                       Saturday.
       (a) in,at       (b) at,on       (c) on, in         (d) in,on

49) I wish I                          as powerful as you
       (a) were         (b) are       (c) am         (d) was

50) feminine form of ‘Horse                        .
       (a) calf       (b) colt       (c) mare         (d) horses