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All Competetive Exam Syllabus All Subject but Computer Subject is Very important of all Competetive Exam. Computer subject is very useful of in our life and and our knowledge.
computer releted very important material is in our site computer material in PDF File.

Advantages of Problem method

1.     Undertaken, to solve problems and answer questions result in sequence of learning. The facts and information have to be marshaled whenever a specific problem has to be solved. This leads to concepts, undertakings, attitudes and skills, paving the way for generalizations for social studies, which help to
1.     achieve elementary school objectives.
2.     Problem solving is a realistic method for presenting the experience facing the pupil throughout his career. It provides a chance to think, to judge, to evaluate, to compare and select what is. Best. It challenges to bring to bear all the information
3.     and experience of a person such a problem. It arouses his interest and awakens his curiosity as to how it can be done.
4.     The problem furnishes a natural objective to the pupil, who can easily see its significance and the importance of securing its solution.
5.     Problem method points out to the pupils a logical way of thinking. They can see the necessity and sequence of following each step properly.
6.     In this method the pupils learn to track down information quickly and efficiently, to evaluate it, and to organize it for reports and problem solving. They learn to think, to deduce the truth from different viewpoints, to tell what is real and
7.     what is propaganda, to organize ideas and to draw conclusions,
1.     As the problem can be addicted to groups and to individuals it promotes adaptation without sacrificing the social values that arise from co-operative understanding.
2.     The pupil appreciates that the process is not a task, which is assigned, but an inevitable requirement of the solution.
3.     The horizon of students thinking can be evidence when they look out on the problems very thoroughly and the opinion of several person regarding the problem selected by the children.
4.     Problem method establishes and promotes good and harmonious relations between teacher and pupils feeling free from arbitrarily imposed tasks of the teacher. The pupil learns to appreciate his guidance laying a foundation for good and happy relations between teachers and taught,
5.     As small unit or a long-term assignment the problem can be adjusted according to the need.

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