English Material Part 3

1)                     you                      the meeting last night?
       (a) Do,attend        (b) Did, attend       (c) have, attend         (d) has, attend

4) work hard lest you                    fail  in the exam.
       (a) must        (b) should       (c) can          (d) may

5) How often                    she                     her hair
       (a) has, wash       (b) does, wash       (c) did, washed         (d) is wash

6) Give the synonym for TERMINATE.
       (a) suspend        (b) interrupt       (c) end         (d) dismiss

7) He said , “ what a nice house it is !”
       (a) he exclaimed with hate that is was very nice flower
       (b) he exclaimed with praise that it is a very nice house.
       (c) he exclaimed with praise that it was a very nice house
       (d) he told with praise thet it is a very nice house.

8) He                        for his friend since morning.
       (a) has been waiting        (b) waited       (c) waiting         (d)wait

9) Ashok was one of the greatest kings.
       (a) No other king was so greatest kings.
       (b) very few kings were as great as Ashika.
       (c) Ashoka was greater than any other king.
       (d) some other king were as greater as Ashoka.

10) I have lost my trust                        you.
       (a) on         (b) in           (c) at         (d) of

11) There is                          eucalyptus tree near the play ground.
       (a) a        (b) the      (c) an          (d) no article

12) Run fast                      get you cricket.
       (a) or        (b) but       (c) ptherwise        (d) and

13)                        does he take rest in day time ?
       (a) how far      (b) how long   (c) how many   (d) how deep

14)                        deaf are usually speechless.
       (a) The         (b) A       (c) An         (d) no article

15) Democracy means :                          .
       (a) A political system selected by the king
       (b) A political system ruled by the people.
       (c) dictatorship.
       (d) none of the above.

16) The plural of ‘piano’ is                         .
       (a) pianoes        (b) pianoeses        (c) pianos         (d) none of these

17) The boy                        I gave a gift is my friend ‘s cousin.
       (a) who        (b) whom       (c) whose         (d) which

18) Your success is                       your hard work.
       (a) instead of         (b) due to       (c) at the top of         (d) inspite of

19) My frind knows how to speak                         Marathi.
       (a) a        (b) the        (c) an         (d) no article

20) He poured milk                        the pot.
       (a) in        (b) into       (c) onto         (d) upto

21) Who can count the stars ? means………..
       (a) No body can count the stars     (b) can nobody count stars
       (c) All the person can count the stars   (d) Everyday can count the stars

22) This is the boy                       uncle is a well-known doctor of the city.
       (a)  whom        (b) whose       (c) who          (d) which

23) I like to study                       mathematics.
       (a) a        (b) the        (c)a         (d)no article

24)                        is used for driving nails.
       (a) car        (b) tractor       (c) hammer        (d) amulnce

25) I work hard                      I can get good marks.
       (a) so that        (b) so…….that       (c)  such…….that        (d) due to

26) Change the voice.
       (a) my name is asked buy them.    (b) I asked my name by them.
       (c) I was asked my name by them. (d) I am asked my name by them.

27) I                         the news an hour ago.
       (a) will hear         (b) was heard      (c) heard         (d) hears

28) Ravi                        that film already.
       (a) has seen         (b) has been seeing       (c) saw        (d)seen

29) Thirty days                         september.
       (a) have        (b) has       (c) had         (d) are

30) She drove faster than I. ( change the degree)
       (a) I do not drive as fast as she.  (b) I did not drive so fast as she.
       (c) I did not drive so faster as she (d) I does not drive as fast as she.

31) He                     not                    to college today.
       (a) does, come        (b) has come        (c) is come          (d) was , come

32) The teacher made him                       on the bench .
       (a) to stand         (b) standing       (c) stands          (d) stand

33) Little water is in the bottle                         ?
       (a) isn’ t it        (b) is it       (c) does it         (d) wasn’t it

34) I                         ill since last Monday.
       (a) will be         (b) have been       (c) was          (d) is

35) His                        are blue.
       (a) veins        (b) vains      (c) wains         (d) weine

36) Rajat is eating a mongo now.
       (a) A mango is eating a mongo now. (b) A mango was being eaten by rajat
       (c) A mango is be eaten by rajat now. (d) A mango is being eaten by rajat.

37) Select the correct form of indirect narration.
       “ The pupils said to the teacher , “ please allow us to play half an hour more”
        (a) The pupils told the teacher to allow them to play half an hour more.
        (b) The pupils exclaimed the teacher to allow them to play half an hour more.
        (c) The pupils requested the teacher to allow them to paly half an hour more.
        (d) The pupils commanded the teacher to allow them to play half an hour more.

38) I do not agree                              your decision.
       (a) to       (b) with        (c) at         (d) in

39)                         is the best performance.
       (a) your        (b) his       (c) my         (d) our

40) our teacher told as that knowledge is power.
       (a) we were told by our teacher that knowledge is power
       (b) it is told by our teacher that knowledge should be power.
       (c) it is told by our teacher that knowledge must be power
       (d) it is told by our teacher that knowledge could be power.

41) Nobody should write answers                        red ink.
       (a) by        (b) to        (c) from          (d) in

42) Last year ,the crops failed                         heavy rain.
       (a) according to        (b) with a view to       (c) owing to         (d) inspite

43) What is the meaning of glacier?
       (a) A slowly moving river of ice       (b) A flooder rivernd
       (c) A deep river         (d) None

44) My father                      not                      from the office yet.
       (a) did,return        (b) has returned       (c) was return         (d) have, return

45) Thanak                         absent since Monday.
       (a) has been        (b) was       (c) been         (d) have been

46) We                        navratri last week.
       (a) celebrate        (b) celebrated       (c) will celebrate         (d) celebrates

47) Anil                       ‘the times of india’daily.
       (a) is reading        (b) has read      (c) reads        (d) read

48) They                       the taj mahal next month.
       (a) visited        (b) have visited      (c) will visit        (d) visits

49) The nagetive of ; he is too dull to understand it.
       (a) he in not to dull to understands it    (b) he is so dull that  understand it   
       (c) he is so dull that he cannot understand it  (d) ha is not too dull to understand it

50) Who broke the glass of  the window ?
       (a) by whom the glass of the window was broken ?
       (b) by whose the glass of window broken?
       (c) by whom was the glass of the window broken ?
       (d) by whom the glass of window is broken ?