All World Is Effected is Corona Covid19

and all india is Lockdown is 22 march 2020 and Lockdown five 5 is 1 May to 30 June Declered by Indian Goverment annunced today by indian Goverment.

The lockdown in the country has been extended to June 30.  The government has announced new guidelines.  The government has issued guidelines.  Religious places are preparing to open.  The lockdown will be in three phases.  There will be only one zone, eliminating the Green, Red and Orange zones.  This zone will be the containment zone.  All places of worship will be open from June 30.

It is necessary to apply a mask.  Lockdown 5.0 is named Unlock-1.  The whole country has been opened up and people are expected to come out with caution.

 The guidelines issued by the Home Ministry.  According to him, the time of night curfew will be reviewed, the movement of people will now be banned across the country from 9 pm to 5 am.

 After reviewing the situation, a decision will be taken on international air travel, metro train, cinema hall, gym, political meetings etc.

This relief will be available in Lockdown 5.0

 - No pass is required to move from one state to another.

 - In the second phase, schools, colleges, institutes can be opened.  The decision to open a school college has been left to the state governments.

 - No restrictions on movement anywhere in the country

 - Permission to open hotel, restaurant mall from June 8, this ban will remain in place.

 - Delhi Metro will not run at present.

- There will be curfew from 9 pm to 5 am.

- The ban on foreign travel will remain in place.

 - Only 20 people can attend the funeral.

 - Only 5 people can buy goods together at the shops.

 - Cinema hall, gym and swimming pool will be closed.

Lockdown will end, Unlock-1 will start

 - Lockdown will only apply until June 30 in the containment zone.

- Only required services will be allowed in the containment zone.

- Religious place, shopping mall, restaurant will open in Phase-1 from June 8.  The SOP will be announced by the Ministry of Health.

- Night curfew will continue till June 30.
 The decision to open the school-college in phase-2 will be taken in July.

- Advice for people over 65 years of age, pregnant women, persons already suffering from diseases, children under 10 years of age to stay at home.

- Exit only for necessary work and health facilities.

 - As before, it will be necessary to wear a mask and follow social distress.

 - Crowd gathering will be prohibited.  A maximum of 50 people can gather for the wedding.

- The ban on spitting in public places will remain in place.  Consumption of pan, gutkha, alcohol in public places will be banned.

- Work from home as far as possible, promote work from home.

- Workplaces should be fully screened and hygienic, sanitized.

- After reviewing the situation in Phase-3, it will be decided to open international flights, metro, cinema, gym, swimming pool, bar, assembly hall.

 - Restrictions on social planning will remain in place.

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