Research In Education Quiz

Anjuman Education Trsust Balasinor Managed Anjuman B.Ed.College Balasinor Conducted the Online Quiz For B.ed. And M.ed. Student Subject of Research in Education.

Research in Education is Subject in B.ed Semester For and M.ed. All Semester.

This Online quiz is very useful of B.Ed. And M.ed Student.

Objectives of the course:

 After going through the course the teacher trainee will be able:

The meaning of research, characteristic, Need & Importance and types of research in education and its implications for educationalresearch.

The characteristics of Philosophical, Psychological and Sociological researches in education. The different steps of EducationalResearch.

Various steps in the research processing

The techniques of developing a research proposal

The meaning of techniques of researchhypothesis & Sampling.

Various type of Hypothesis and theirtesting

Research in Education

 Meaning of Research & EducationalResearch Characteristic of EducationalResearch Types of Research (Basic, Applied and Action research.):Meaning, characteristic and Limitation for each types Importance of Educational Research forTeachers

Selection of Problem in Research, Review of related literature and Drafting the Proposal Criteria of selection of a good research problem Definition of key terms of research work Review of related literature, Sources of relatedliterature Drafting a research proposal

 Research Method, Variable, Hypothesis and Sampling Technique Research Method: Historical, Experimental and Survey Variable: meaning and itstypes Hypothesis: meaning and types, various techniques of testing hypothesis Sampling Technique: Meaning of Population and Sample, Importance of sampling, Characteristics of a good sample,sampling techniques (Probability, Judgment), Advantages and limitations of different types of sample,Data analysis techniques.

Steps in the research process Identifying the problem, Objectives and Hypothesis or Research Question Reviewing related Literature,Variables Methods of research, sampling procedure Tools to be used and preparation, Data collection, Statistical analysis and interpretations, writing a research report.

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