Self-help Scheme Loan 2020

All Gujarat State small bussinesman corona effected and gujarat goverment declered all small busniesman goverment self help sceam 2020 1 lakh loan pay by bank and 2 persentge intrest by bank. 


Repeat enrollment is done on a daily basis or at any time by the system administrator.Applications that have the same PAN or Aadhaar number in two or more applications are differently locked by the registrar. If those petitions (1) belong to the same person then other petitions of the first date are rejected. (2) If there are persons with different names, those whose statements are incorrect are put on notice. It is possible to correct the mistake by calling the applicant. Data entry correction is done according to the error correction. This process is to be completed within 8-10 days after the deadline of 31-3-20.

Relevant Bank / Credit Society

• If the check-list seems appropriate and the application is not locked as a repeat entry, it can be approved by giving an OTP, listed by an unauthorized person. An SMS goes to the applicant regarding the approval of the application.
However, if the eligibility does not appear as per the checklist or if the same applicant has another then the application is rejected and an SMS is sent to the applicant with that reason.

Tick ​​the following checklist in the system.

1. Are the details of the application complete? . Is there any evidence-based seed? (Tick on each)
. Are the details filled in the form correct as per the evidence? If defects are found, the applicant can be called and completed.
. Is Aik within the limits? (?). Is there another loan term?

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