University Exam Declered by UGC

All India lockdowan And All India University Exam is post pond university Exam declered by University Grand Comminstion (UGC) the exam all indian university start the 25 june 2020
UGC guaideline throw exam conducted by university and her exm center in all gujarat.

All Gujarat University Exam Date is 25 june declered by UGC guiedline,

Shri Govind Guru University Godhra

Gujarat University

HNGU University

SKV University Kuthch

Souratsra University Rajkot

Veer Narmad S.G.U UNiversity

All India And All Gujarat State and Privet university Conducted All Samester Exam By UGC Guiedline of 25 june 2020 Start the all stream Exam coducted by University.

Educational Technology :- Definition

1.     G.O. Leith  – “Educational Technology is the application of scientific knowledge and learning and the conditions of learning to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of teaching and training.”

2.     S. S. Kulkarni - "Educational Technology may be defined as the application of the laws as well as recent discoveries of Science and Technology to the process of education."

3.     John P. Dececco " Educational Technology is the form of detailed application of psychology of learning to practical teaching problems."

4.     Robert A. Cox -"Educational Technology is the application of scientific process to man's learning conditions."

5.     Richmond-" Educational Technology is concerned to provide appropriately designed learning situations which, holding in view of objectives of  _e Teaching or Training, being to bear the best means of instruction."

6.     E.E. Hadden - " Educational Technology is that branch of educational theory and practice concerned primarily with the design and use of message which control the learning process."

7.     Takashi Sakamoto-" Educational Technology is an applied or practical study which aims at maximizing educational effect by "Controlling' such relevant facts as educational purposes educational environment, conduct of student, behavior of
8.     Instructors and interrelations between students and instructors."

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