Higer Scondary School Teacher recuirment

Higher Scondery School Science Teacher Recuirment

The monthly salary is required as per the norms. Shri Bdkas Shint Education Trust (Minority Trust) managed by Shri B.S.  Higher Secondary School (Linguistic Minority School), Chandkheda, Ta.  Gandhinagar (Gujarati Medium, Granted School) for Secondary and Higher Secondary (General Stream) NOC has been received by the Office of the District Education Officer, Gandhinagar for the following Education Assistants.  Secondary Department cum Designation NOc Letter No. and Date Department / Stream / Medium Educational Category Name Qualification 1 Education Letter No.: - Gadhan / D-1 / Sh.S.  / NOc / Secondary Department BA - B.Ed 31,50 - Fixed Salary Non-Support 2060-21 / 2 Gujarati Medium (English) Current Reserved Date of Govt.: 8.04, 2020 Noc Letter No. and Date of Higher Secondary Department  Flow / Medium Educational Monthly Salary Category Name Qualification Education 1

 Letter No .: Gadhan / D-1 / Shis.  / NOc / Higher Secondary Department |  M.Com - B.Ed Bin 5,050 / - Fixed Salary Assistant Gujarati Medium 2020-21 / 2 Current Reservation of Govt.  Including the latest passport size photo along with the advertisement will be published in 10 days at the following address in the signature application will have to be sent from the registrar PAPAD.  To the appointee, the date of education department.  21-06-17, Dt.  07 07-12 and dt.  As per the resolution of Resolution No. 1910-1201 - C dated 3-06-2018.  The person appointed after 31-02-2017 will not be eligible for surplus protection.  Address for sending application:

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 Managing Trustee Shri Badakas Shint Education Trust, Principal cl0 Shri B.S.  Higher Secondary School, Guha Board Settlement.  Shree B.S.  High School Chandkheda, Ta.Dist.  Gandhinagar-2Information / 1008 / 20-21 Chandkheda, Dist.  Gandhinagar.  As per norms

Dowanload Notification 

Vacant seat School wise 

In the case of upper primary teacher and education assistant, the rules of transfer can be changed in the district by replacing the husband or wife of the officer on duty in Gandhinagar.  According to the rules of transfer of upper primary teacher, officer-in-charge of Vigha High Court-husband assistant and primary teacher by the education department, the wife can be transferred to Ahmedabad district.  Has announced an update.  Accordingly, in addition to non-transferable, for the purpose of transfer, the seniority of Std.  Will remain.  According to the latest amendment in the department, the non-replacement teacher of the secretariat cadre will have to be transferred to another school.  Eligible Employee - Spouse of an officer who, while transferring a primary teacher incident, to a teacher holding a job as a qualification of Dharan 1 to 5 (owned by district or town education committee) above the vacancy of Std. 1 to 5 must change the district in Gandhinagar district.  .  Provision has also been made for the subject teacher for Std. 6 to 8.  In which the employee-officer who is being killed should be placed in the school where there is a vacancy in the subject where he has completed 3 consecutive years of service in the concerned office.  Non-transferable provision has also been made if the spouse of the primary school teacher or Vidya is also acting as a new assistant in the transfer taking place at the time of merging the school.  Accordingly, the number of net vacancies available in the district of the place of duty in the district-town education committee may be changed depending on the number of students or any other reason.  When a school or class at Gandhinagar is merged with another school, the posts of the head office of the department are only at the school where the Gandhinagar students are sent to the school and the number of students in the school where the officer is employed is not changed.  Establishment will have to be calculated.  In this way, it can be changed from Std. 1 or even in case of wife.  So the establishment of five and standard 6 to 8 will have to be fixed.