Language across the Curriculum

Shri Govind Guru University Old Paper 2019 B.ED SEM 1 PAPER 3 Language across the Curriculum

 The Trainee teachers will be able …

1. To know Meaning and importance of language. 

2. To understand Difference between Language and dialect.

3. To understand relationship between Language, society and culture.

4. To know stages of Language acquisition. 

5. To know nature of multilingualism in classroom and its situation.

6. To know skills of Language proficiency and assimilate it

7. To understand nature of Classroom Discourse and develop strategies for using oral 


Unit-1 Language and learning 

1.1 Language: Meaning, characteristics and importance

1.2 Language and dialect: Difference, Effect of regional pronunciation and remedies to 

remove them, Home language and school language. 

1.3 Factors affected on language development

1.4 Language acquisition : Stages, first language and second language acquisition

Unit-2 Language, society and education 

2.1 Relationship of language and society: Identity, power and Discrimination

2.2 Nature of multilingualism: Status of language with reference to Indian classroom 


2.3 Medium of education as Mother Tongue: Important and needs. Language and 


2.4 Language proficiency of teacher 

Unit-3 Basic skills of language 

3.1 Listening skill : Meaning, Important and needs, activities development for 

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Listening skill

3.2 Speaking skill:Meaning, Important and needs, activities for development of 

difference speaking skills (storytelling, dialogues, simulations, games and context

Unit-4 Classroom and language 

4.1 Classroom Discourse: Meaning, nature and strategies for using oral language

4.2 Tools for learning : Discussion and questioning 

4.3 Functions of language : In the classroom and outside the classroom

4.4 Language diversity in classroom: Use of first and second language in the