English Old Pepar

Shri Govind Guru University Old Paper 2019 B.ED SEM 1 English Method

 After going through the course the teacher trainee will be able:

 To acquire knowledge of the nature, structure and components of English language.

 To get acquainted with the objectives of teaching English at secondary school level.

 To formulate instructional objectives in term of observable behavior of learners.

 To acquire mastery over instructional skills.

 To have a formal and functional knowledge of some elements of English grammar

 To acquire command over sentence constructions in English.

 To acquire competence in both spoken and written English.

Unit-1 Introduction to English Language

1.1 The role of English in India and its place in school curriculum.

1.2 English as second/foreign language in school of India with specific 

reference to school education in Gujarat.

1.3 Importance of English and Teaching of English

1.4 Problems faced by Gujarati speaking learners in learning English

Unit-2 Lesson Planning in English

2.1 Lesson Plan: Meaning, importance and types of lesson planning Skill of set-

induction, Skill of Stimulus Variation Skill of fluency in questioning, Skill of 

reinforcement, Skill of black-board work

2.2 Micro Teaching: Meaning, concept, importance, steps, limitations, micro 

lesson Planning.

2.3 Classification of objectives and their importance, General and Specific 

Objectives of teaching English as Second/Foreign language.

2.4 Simulation: Meaning, importance, limitations, steps, simulation lesson 


- Inductive Deductive Method, Direct Method, Bilingual Method, Story Telling 

Method, Structural Approach

Unit-3 Grammar and Usage

3.1 Word formation: Synonyms, antonyms, nouns, pronouns, adjectives.

3.2 Parts of speech: Meaning and illustrations Fundamentals of grammar: 

Noun, adjective, pronoun, verb, adverb (their different kinds &illustrations)

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Unit-4 Study of Content (Standard VI to VIII)

4.1 Text-book : meaning, importance & characteristics

4.2 Standard VI : Detailed study of Unit 3 : Fought & Won 

4.3 Standard VII : Detailed study of Unit 4 : Longer, Shorter, Bigger

4.4 Standard VIII : Detailed study of Unit 3 : What were you doing ?