B.ED SEM 1 PAPER 1  Childhood And Growing Up

Shri Govind Guru University Old Paper 2019 B.ED SEM 1 PAPER 1  Childhood And Grothing Up

Guidelines for the practical work

1 Micro Lessons (any five skills) (1) Skill of Set Induction (2) Skill of fluency in 

questioning (3) Skill of reinforcement (4) Skill of illustration (5) Skill of B.B. Work 

(6) Skill of Stimulus variation (7) Skill of Explanation (8) Skill of probing in 


2 Simulation Lessons based on different teaching method (Any Five)

3 Stray Lessons (Any Five) for secondary school subject methods Std-6 to Std.-10 and 

for higher secondary school subject Std.-11 and Std.-12.

4 Administration of Standardized Psychological Test in any one class with their 

assessment, evaluation and report writing for submission. (Any one Test)

5 Educational Institution: Education Institution like BRC, CRC, DIET, GCERT and 

other than Special Schools. Like Mentally Retired School , PH and Residence 


6 Book Review :( except school textbooks), Selection, Deep reading, Evaluation, 

Assessment and Report Writing for submission (Any one).

Objectives :

1. To acquire theoretical perspectives and develop an understanding of dimensions and stages of 

human development.

2. To gain an understanding of different methods and techniques for the assessment of personality, 

intelligence and creativity of the child.

3. To understanding the child Psychology

4. To get the knowledge of different teaching methods based on Psychology. 

5. To understand the stages of child development and their characteristics.

6. To understand the learning concepts.

7. To understand the different psychological theories like IQ, Personality, Motivation, Defense, 

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Mechanism, Adjustment etc.

8. To understand the concepts of Psychology and gain the understanding of practical implementation,

in education.