For Rajkot Municipal Corporation Vacancies Vacancies Online Online

 The manga is planted.  For this આ Candidate  Log on to www.rmc.gov.in and through Tem Session

 You have to do it.  Also, you have to fill in the form from online mode only.

 Educational Qualification and Salary Standard:

Ȥ Rule-2 (1A) of the General Rules-12 of the Service Classification and Recruitment

 Provision: Certificate of Jubilee Co-Tour A Leakage Certificate.

 Will be 2.  Resolution of the General Administration Department of the Government dated 17/06/2009 Number: CRR-

 10-2006-19050-G.P.  Learn the basics of couture to the study shown in the accompanying pack-1.

 However, it is not.  Candidates should have knowledge of night and day.


 Candidate for admission in the examination (a) Citizen of India or (b) Candidate of Nepal (c)

 Intentional residency in India or (d) with the intention of permanent residence in India 01/01/18

 Formerly a resident of Tibet in India or (f) Paktan, Bama, Dhilkan and Vu.

 Aerobics of Zanzibar, moving from the show to permanent residency in India

 Intentional Indian, but from (b) to (f) in the form of smoke.

 Only if the credentials received from the government are matched will the credentials be obtained.  For this purpose

 Candidate should be a native of the state at night and domicile of the state at night.

 When choosing a candidate online, choose the following:

Candidates filling in the details in the online application form will be considered as ° final ˴ for recruitment.

 And when the request is made to the Rajkot Municipal Corporation, the original (along with the original copies) should be issued.

 Will be 2 Details filled in the online form during the verification and changes in the form or

 If there is a difference, then the candidate will be considered as invalid.

Non-Reserved and Non-Reserved Women Candidates will be required to pay Rs. 2,500 / - (Five Hundred) and other quotas.

 Candidates are required to pay Rs. 2.50 / - (Rs. 250 / -) on the website of Rajkot Municipal Corporation.

 You will have to submit it in online mode from  in this form and from online / net backing.

 Will be accepted.  After the application, the candidate will submit his / her application.  And ze ƈ shan

 I.D. will have to be saved.  Funds will not be provided after Rs.  Without fear

 It will continue to happen.  Candidate who fills the application form on any type of writing.

 The right to sit in it will be determined by the right of appointment.

 Will be given.

  If the candidate has uploaded a passport size photo in the online form, it is a photo off.

 Copies must be kept with you and at the time of recruitment (in writing / etc) / etc.)

 You have to do the same photo.

  If any candidate has more than one candidate for the same seat, his / her application will be rejected.

 Rajkot Municipal Corporation will have the power to make the decision

 Will be considered

 If the mark is shown in the mark sheet, D-St.

 It will have to be done.

 Employees on duty in Rajkot Municipal Corporation are at the time of verification of original certificates.

 Monthly salary will have to be deducted.  In addition, if more than one person is on duty

 So a copy of the motion selection order must be submitted.

  Candidates for the reserved seat will be eligible for the post.

 The weaker section (EWS / BAV) has not been able to take any action against the government.

 The certificate issued by the Supreme Authority will have to be repaid.

 Five (5) years in the upper age limit in the case of candidates from weaker sections (EWS / 2BAV).

 Ġ Discount will be given.  Ȥ In addition to the state of the night, other states will not be able to do this.

 Sut  will not be able to get any benefit of Aadhaar reserve

 According to the rules, women candidates will be given a waiver of five (5) years in the upper age limit.

Full Notification

Online Application 



Last Date of Application 9 Feb 2021

 Candidates on the night of the reserve  on the reserved seat on the unreserved seat 

 What to do?  It will have to be specified in the online application form and reserved for the night.

 Such candidates will apply if their candidates go unreserved.

 The above candidates will be required to abide by the rules and regulations