Mathematics Old Pepar 

Shri Govind Guru University Old Paper 2019 B.ED SEM 1 Mathematics Method

Objectives Of The Course

To enable the student teacher to......

 Understand the meaning, scope, needs and values of mathematics teaching.

 Understand the principles and maxims of teaching of mathematics teaching.

 Understand the aims and objectives of mathematics teaching at school level.

 Understand the lesson planning process for effective Teaching - Learning Process &

 better instruction.

 Acquire the knowledge of content of upper primary syllabus of mathematics.

 Explain the importance of Micro, Simulation & stray lesson to develop mathematics

teaching skills. 

 Practice various teaching skills, methods and approaches in mathematics teaching.

UNIT – I Mathematics: as Discipline 

1.1Introduction to Mathematics : Meaning, Scope & place of Mathematics subject in 

upper primary and secondary school curriculum

1.2Values of Mathematics teaching : Utilitarian, Disciplinary & Cultural

1.3Maxims of teaching & Principles in Mathematics teaching

1.4Objectives of Mathematics teaching at upper primary & secondary level, Taxonomy 

of Educational Objectives : general & specific objectives

UNIT – II Lesson Planning in Mathematics

2.1Micro lesson: Meaning, Components & Planning on Different teaching skills such as 

skill of Fluency in questioning, set induction, Illustration & Explaining.

2.2Simulation: Meaning, Nature, Merits and Demerits & Planning of Different teaching 

methods such as Inductive-deductive, Analytic-Synthesis, Demonstration & 


2.3Stray Lesson Planning: Meaning, Characteristics, Importance & Planning.

2.4Teaching for development of Mathematical Concepts: Arithmetic, Algebra & Geometry.

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 - 10 Measurement

Chapter - 12 Ratio and Proportion

 4.2 Std – 7

Std – 7

Chapter - 6 Triangle and its Properties

Chapter - 11 Perimeter and Area

Chapter - 12 Power and Exponent

Chapter - 14 Factorization