After going through the course the teacher trainee will be able to.......

 Understand & use of appropriate innovative teaching & tecnniques in science and 

technology teaching

 Develops attitudes to be a committed & competent secondary school teacher.

 Develop interest in science and technology subject among the pupils.

 Will correlate content of science and technology with various subjects.

 Trainee teacher become aware of the Science and Science and tecnlogy Club & 

Room s activities.

 Analyze & evaluate economics syllabus science and technology Textbook.

 To acquaint the student teacher with various audio-visual aids & develop in them the 

skill for the proper use & maintenance of teaching aids.

 Understand the concept & use of evaluation process in Science and technology.

 Make use of variousaudio visual aids in the classroom effectively.

 Can construct ,select and use suitable test item for evalution..


1.1 Need , Importance & Types of teaching aids (Audio, Visual, Audio-visual).

1.2 Preparation & Development of improvised approaches.

1.3 Selection and use of the Teaching aids

1.4 Science Laboratory : Mannagement and sefty, designing ascience laboratory , 

laboratory equipment.

UNIT – 2 Science Teacher and References.

2.1 Professional equipment of science teacher

2.2 Characteristics of an ideal textbook of science and technology of std -9 & 10.

2.3 Reference material in teaching of science and technology(usefulness) :

Encyclopedia , magazines and reference books.

2.4 Importance and need of teaching of science and technology : Teacher handbook, 

Student practical workbook. Assistance Activities of Science: aquarium ,herbarium, 

viverium and botanical garden.

UNIT – 3 Science Club, Science Activities.

3.1 Science club : Importance , establishment

3.2 Activities in teaching of science and technology.

3.3 Meaning , importance and characteristics of correlation , correlation of science and 

technology with mathemetics and social science.

3.4 Correlation of science and technology with language and art.

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UNIT – 4 Contents 

( Std 9 )

3.1 Chapter : 2 Is Matter Around Us Pure.

3.2 Chapter : 7 Diversity in Living Organisms.

3.3 Chapter : 8 Motion.

3.4 Chapter : 15 Improvement in food Resources.