Shri Govindguru University B.ed. Sem 2 Old Paper

Shri Govindguru University Godhra B.ed. Programer Old Pepar Download 

After going through the course the teacher trainee will be able to…

1. Get information about meaning, concept, characteristics, types and sources of 


2. appraise the concept of Modernization, Multiculturalism and Democratic Education.

3. acquaint with the culture and modernity, individualism, nationalism and universalism.

4. understand the concept of hidden curriculum and analyze various curriculum 


5. explain the meaning, foundations, types and determinants of curriculum.

6. get information about importance, principle sand steps of curriculum construction.

7. acquire conceptual understanding of curriculum development and evaluation.

Unit-1 Epistemological bases of Education

1.1 Knowledge: Meaning, Definition, concept and characteristics

1.2 Differences among Skill, Information, Knowledge, Wisdom

1.3 Types of knowledge: Tacit Knowledge and Explicit Knowledge

1.4 Source of knowledge: Educational, Situational, Conceptual and Strategic 


Unit-2 Social and Cultural context of Education

2.1 Modes of education : face to face, open & distance learning, e-learning

2.2 Concept of Society and Culture, Its influences in recent education system.

2.3 Education in multi-cultural society with reference to values like equality, 

social justice and individual differences.

2.4 Tagore and Kirshnamurti:concept of individualism, nationalism, and 

universalism with reference to education.

Unit-3 Curriculum

3.1 Curriculum: Meaning, Definition, Importance and Difference between 

syllabus and curriculum

3.2 Hidden Curriculum : meaning, concept, merits & demerits

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