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 Objectives of the course:

After going through the course the teacher trainee will be able:

1. To become aware of different context of learning and situate schools as special 

environment for learning;

2. To reflect on their own implicit understanding of the nature and kinds of learning;

3. Gain an understanding of different theoretical perspective on learning with a focus on 

cognitive views of learning as well as socio-constructivist theories;

4. Gain insight and reflect on the concept of teaching and the status of teaching as a 


5. To get introduction and understanding of teaching models. 

6. To Prepare questions for competitive exams from given course.

Unit-1 Learning

1.1 Learning: Meaning, Definition and characteristics

1.2 Socio-cultural factors influencing cognition and learning

1.3 Types of learning: self learning, Multisensory learning, CAI

1.4 Factors influences learning, learning process, memory and forgetting

Unit-2 Learning theories and behavior changes

2.1 Pavlov classical conditioning leaning theory its uses in classroom

2.2 Learning theories of Skinner, Thorndike, Gestalts

2.3 Transfer of learning, types, and factor affected of transfer of learning.

2.4 Role of motivation, interest and readiness in learning.

Unit-3 Teaching and Instructional Technology

3.1 Concept and nature of teaching and Teaching as a profession.

3.2 Maxims of teaching

3.3 Ned Flanders classroom interaction analysis

3.4 Educational Technology : Meaning form, Scope

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Unit-4 Teaching Models and Teaching Aids

4.1 Models of Teaching : Meaning, Concept, Uses in routine teaching 

4.2 Concept Attainment Model; Meaning, steps, merits and demerits

4.3 Inquiry Training Model; Meaning, steps, merits and demerits