HSC Genaral Stream Result 2021

Gujarat Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education, Gandhinagar.  

Press List Gujarat Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education, Gandhinagar Press List states that the State Government, Shri Dai Dhau, has canceled the examination of Runi, a regular candidate of Ghrsh Rah 2 of 12 Science streams, and the number of A-12/06/2021 of the Department of Children - Mashab / 1221.  

The policy of preparing the result of regular students from / 745 / six was announced.  According to the resolution, the marks of Gujarat Secondary and Higher Secondary Education Board, recognized science stream higher secondary schools were uploaded on the board's website as per the policy announced by the regulatory students.

  The result of regular students will be posted on the Board's website result.ase, org on 19/U9/201 at 09.00 am.  You can download and see the vegetables, the school students have to give a copy of the mark sheet, and report the result,.

 date: 31/07/2021 Venue: Gandhinagar (JG Pandya) Deputy Director (Examination Gujarat Secondary and Higher  Chattar Secondary Education Board, Gandhinagar