15 new police stations in 5 districts

 5 new outposts sanctioned Recruitment of 15,000 LRD in November

New hope has been instilled in millions of youths waiting for the completion of the stalled recruitment process in the police system in Corona and 5 outstation posts in five districts of the state.  In the upgradation, Aravalli district police inspector, police sub-home minister Pradipsinh Jadeja said that the Titoi outpost has been upgraded to a police inspector-PI level due to the epidemic of 12 new police cores at the police inspector level.  

While in Banaskantha, Palanpur, the government is determined to complete the post by Home Minister Pradipsinh Jadeja.  Diwali Amirgarh, Vijalpor in Navsari, has been sanctioned on Monday.  In addition, after the vacation in November 15,000 in Valsad Valsad village, Pardi, he is preparing for the recruitment of LRD in the month of November from the Home Department, Dungra sub-inspector-PSI to PI state police system Lok Rakshak Dal-Recruitment Board.  

Level stations have been upgraded.  The Home Minister also said that the growing population in Gujarat and the recruitment process of a new police station in Madhapar would be started for about 15,000 posts in LRD after the e-Lokaparna.  In view of the new transportation, restaurant, banking and development of law and order tourism sector in the police areas after the year 2014-15, they have been recruited in Lok Rakshak Dal-LRD and have not been made operational in Kutch.  

General Administration Department- New Police Station, Outpost said.  Apart from Kutch, Surat GAD has been sanctioned for a controversial resolution. Since then, 1501 places have also been sanctioned.  Home Minister Jadeja said that 14 new police stations have been sanctioned at a cost of Rs 2.17 crore for joining the police service in four cities in the city and three in rural Rajkot.