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Education and psychology can affect development.  Thus every type of development is more or less related to each other.  A person's development takes place in certain stages.  These stages have a specific sequence.  So if a person is not developed properly in the lower order then the development of that person is delayed or hindered at the later stage as well.  The main reason why there is so much diversity in developmental theories is that we find variation in the developmental patterns of different individuals.

 Because many factors affect the development of a person.  Factors Influencing Development Starting from the moment a mother conceives a child, it continues to develop until it is born, it grows, becomes young, grows old and dies.  This is a natural process.  However, the rate or proportion of growth may or may not vary from person to person, as many factors affect the development of a person. 

What these factors are and how they affect an individual's development are discussed here.  Heredity Heredity has a great contribution in the development of a person.  Physical development of children is largely dependent on the development of their parents.  A person's height, complexion, eye or hair color and facial appearance mostly depend on the land of the parents.

 Body structure, brain arrangement and certain personality traits are determined by soil.  It is because of genes that the effect of parental traits on a person's intelligence, physical ability, character and other skills is seen.  Medical science has proved that diseases like thalassemia, AIDS and diabetes can also be inherited.  Many individuals also inherit professional skills.  Film actor Prithviraj Kapoor's Abhi Naya qualities have been inherited by four generations.

 Four generations of them have successfully dominated Indian cinema.  Every generation of Tata, Birla has been seen running their business successfully. 

However, it does not happen in every case that their heirs will also succeed in the field in which the parents have succeeded because whether a person inherits certain traits or not, it is all about physiology.  But one thing is certain that the effect of inheritance is seen on the physical development of a person.  The impact of social, cultural and family heritage or genetics on the mental and emotional development of a person is more or less seen.

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 Environment (Environment) Why are Afghans tall and strong, why are Eskies thick, why are Africans dark, why are the eyes of the Chinese different from our eyes, why are the English white?  In answer to these questions, it can be said that the climate and geographical conditions of different regions have created such differences in individuals. 

What has been discussed here is that the environment around us affects our physical development.  In addition, in many cases, the 62th section of the Constitution contains a clause on how to sell the car if the owner likes it (Gens).