Growth and Devlopment

affects mental and emotional development.  As such, people living in desert areas of the state get limited amount of water. 

So those people are saving water.  This habit of saving water affects them so much that it is woven into every aspect of their lives. 

As a result they try to be frugal in every work.  So it can be said that the growth and development of human being is affected by the geographical environment of that place or region. 

This is about the external environment.  Atmosphere can be divided into two sections.  This prenatal environment of growth.  A child lives in its mother's womb from the time of fertilization until birth. 

The seeds develop in the womb and slowly start growing in the child's body.  The development and process of the child continues in the mother's womb for nine months. 

During this process, a healthy and mentally healthy baby develops in the womb provided the mother receives nutritious food, pleasant environment, constant warmth and love, is emotionally strong and does not have any serious illness. 

In a different situation than this, many questions arise against the health or mental health of the child developing in the womb.  This prenatal environment is very important for the development of the child as it spends as long as nine months there. 

From here it comes into the world with inherited congenital features.  These symptoms affect his development for life.  It is said that during the period when the child is in the womb, the thoughts of the woman also affect the child.  It is mentioned in the Mahabharata that when Abhimanyu was in his mother's womb, Arjuna explained to his mother how to break the six gates of Chakravyu.

 Abhimanyu heard this in his mother's womb.  Then when the Mahabharata war took place, Abhimanyu succeeded in breaking the six gates of Chakravyuha based on what he had heard while in his mother's womb. 

There is no scientific or historical basis for this matter.  However, this story supports the notion that a child acquires certain mental traits in the mother's womb, and reinforces the fact that our culture accepted this even thousands of years ago. 

Now even physiologists have accepted this.  Post Birth Environment  With the birth of a child, his real life begins.  Along with this, the process of its growth and development in the world outside the womb also begins.

The environment after birth affects this process.  There is a difference between the growth and development patterns of children living in different environments.  Such postnatal environment can be divided into four main categories.  Internal environment (Internal Environment).  Hormones play an important role in determining a child's behavior, speech and impulses.

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 Apart from that, his physical health, chemical reactions in his body, his mental thoughts, brain structure etc. are the factors affecting his growth and development.  Each of these factors is included in the internal environment after birth.  Genetic elements are the internal matter of the body. 

In today's era, a person is also seen to change his gender by changing such hormones through drugs.