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Their desire for satisfaction becomes more intense.  Which becomes a problem for them.  Finding no practical solution to this problem, some young people try to get sexual satisfaction through masturbation.  Sometimes they turn to homosexual relationships.  It is in this state that they are attracted to opposite sex characters.  

Make friends with them.  tries to touch their limbs.  Such touch gives them pleasure.  If given the opportunity, the youth also engages in physical relations with the opposite sex.  But doing so sometimes creates a kind of inferiority complex in their mind.  They do not have a clear understanding of all these things.  They believe that all these habits will have a bad effect on their future sex life. TET TAT Online Test They are confused.  

Trying to find a solution.  There is also confusion about who to get the right solution from.  No solution is found.  They are more confused.  TET TAT Online Test Can't express their feelings and confusions in front of anyone.  So he starts to stay away from his group.  This has a bad effect on their social adaptation.  Hence the problem of their adaptation arises.  

    Often, in this state, young people visit camel doctors to solve sexual problems.  Where they do not get satisfaction, they are more confused.  They are motivated to read obscene literature.  Watch pornographic movies.  

Due to the development of technology and internet, such pornographic films and literature are easily available to them.  Which gives more stimulation to their sexual impulses.  However, their sexual desires are not satisfied.  As a result, maladjustment problem arises in them.  Conflict between Reality and Ideal (Conflict between Reality and Ideal) The youth is a big critic of his existing social system.  He asks himself the question: What is society?  What is the world?  Where is the world going?  What is the meaning of life?  What is God?  What is humanity?  Why is there pain and inequality in the world?  With such thoughts he wants to do some very good work.  

He wants to do something that will give him respect in the society and make others notice him.  The feeling of growing up constantly creates a feeling in his mind that he will be able to create new ideals and new moral principles. TET TAT Online Test Following which will bring about revolutionary and legislative changes.  He believes that nothing is impossible in the world.  Where he lives away from reality in search of such moral principles and his own ideal.  Due to lack of experience it itself becomes unreal.  

He does not realize that the customs are deeply rooted in the society for which he wants to create new ideals.  Thus he wanders between his ideals and the reality of the world.  He begins to fail in establishing his ideals and creating the world as he sees fit.  As a result people do not accept it.  So he gets sad. 

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 Now he starts accepting the word “impossible”.  It itself becomes irrational.  Due to such situation, many youths come into the society as problem youths.  They start living in the world of their imagination.  TET TAT Online Test They become a maladjusted person.  Thus, due to the conflict between ideal and reality and lack of proper guidance, the youth cannot use their energies properly and positively.