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EXAMINATION AND PSYCHOLOGY The child excels in 603 respects to make him a special contributor to the upliftment and upliftment of our society. The term gifted has been applied to every child who in his group is superior in some ability which may make him an outstanding contributor to the welfare and quality of living in our society. 

Gifted children are far ahead of average children in physical constitution, social adaptation, personality traits, scholastic achievement, play, information and diversity of interests - W. B. Kotesnik.  - Termen and Oden Gifted children rate far above the average in physique, special school achievement, play, adjustment, personality traits, - Termen & Oden information and versatility of interests.  There are two types of gifted children.

  (1) Soldiers having IQ above 130 and having abnormal intelligence.  ( 2 ) Children who have special aptitude in Cla , Mathematics , 13. ( 2 ) 2 Ko and Crow Music or Acting .  There are two types of gifted children.  (i) Those children whose IQ is more than 130 and possess extraordinary intelligence.  (ii) Those children who have special ability in art, mathematics, music, acting Crow & Crow etc.

 • The term gifted is used for the one percent of children who are highly intelligent.  – Skinner and Harriman The term 'Gifted' is used for those one percent children who are Skinner & Harriman the most intelligent.  Meaning of Gifted Children According to some psychologists, children with unusual intelligence can be called gifted children.  Some psychologists call gifted children who have significantly higher intelligence, intellectual ability, learning ability, perceptive ability, mental ability, or ability in art, music, or sports than other average children in their group.  Some psychologists also value the social adaptation, physical constitution and mental health of such children.

 Taking all the views into consideration, it can be briefly said that gifted children are far ahead of the norms established for children in their group in terms of psychophysical skills and intelligence and other positive traits that make them stand out from other children.

Conceptualization is the foundation of exploratory learning.  So after working on clarifying the concept, Brenner clarified the meaning of exploratory study. 

Exploratory learning meaning (Meaning of Discovery Learning) Bruner calls exploratory learning if students are placed in a problematic situation created by the teacher and students build cognitive structures based on learned concepts in order to find a solution to the problem.  It explores new cognitive structures by students.

 Brunner states that a teacher's main job is not to teach students but to provide ample opportunities for learning.  So the teacher to conduct exploratory study with the students

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Based on the definitions and meanings of gifted children, some distinctive characteristics can be derived.  Characteristics of Gifted Children Who are the characteristics of gifted children in terms of intelligence?