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Syllabus in Force from July 2018


Childhood and Growing Up

Credit-04 Internal Marks: 30

 External Marks: 70 


Objectives :

1. To acquire theoretical perspectives and develop an understanding of dimensions and stages of 

human development.

2. To gain an understanding of different methods and techniques for the assessment of personality, 

intelligence and creativity of the child.

3. To understanding the child Psychology

4. To get the knowledge of different teaching methods based on Psychology. 

5. To understand the stages of child development and their characteristics.

6. To understand the learning concepts.

7. To understand the different psychological theories like IQ, Personality, Motivation, Defense, 

Mechanism, Adjustment etc.

8. To understand the concepts of Psychology and gain the understanding of practical implementation,

in education.

Unit 1: Educational Psychology

1.1 Psychology and educational psychology, meaning, definition, Nature, characteristics and 


1.2 Scope of educational psychology, its usefulness to the teachers.

1.3 Different methods of educational psychology - interview, case study, observation and 


1.4 School problems and their solutions with the help of educational psychology.

Unit 2: Stages of child development

2.1 Concept of human growth and development, maturation, principles and factors affecting 

human growth and development. Role of home, school and society in cognitive and 

affective development.

2.2 Difference between the growth and development and types of development. Individual 

differences in growth and development.

2.3 Stages of child development-its characteristics, characteristics of adolescences in Indian 

context their development task of Robert having hurst, counseling and needs of adolescents.

2.4 Implementation of the stages of child development and role of school and teacher. 

Unit 3: Intelligence, Personality and Motivation

3.1 Intelligence - meaning, theories (Howard Gardner‟s theory of multiple intelligence, 

guilford's SOI model and dealing with gifted and backward, children concept of 

emotional intelligence.

3.2 Personality - concepts and theories of personality - (Jung), Educational implementation of

personality in classroom.

3.3 Motivation and achievements motivation (Mcclelland Theory) meaning, motivation 

affecting, factors on motivation and importance.

3.4 Defense mechanism : meaning, various defenses mechanism techniques - projection 

identification, displacement, day dreaming of fantancy and sublimation

Educational implementation of intelligence, personality and motivation in class room. 

Unit 4: Learning and creativity

4.1 Learning - meaning, steps of learning process, factors effective on learning - learner's and 


4.2 Condition of learning and environment of school and home suggestions about learning

through motivation

4.3 Concept of creativity : concept, meaning and components of creativity, identification of 

creative child in classroom.

4.4 Techniques and methods of creativity : brain storming, problem solving, group discussion 

and quiz and education implementation in the classroom.

Suggested Activity:

 Prepare a note on characteristics of learner's profile based on psychological variables.

 Visit a psychology lab and acquire skill of using all equipment.

 Administration, scoring and interpretation of the following psychological test-intelligence, 

personality and creativity.

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Reading Books : 

 Johnson & Medinnus: Child Psychology –Behavior & Development Wiley International 


 Thompson , George G : Child Psychology Growth Trends in Psychological Adjustment The 

Times Of India Press Bombay

 Aggarwal J.C. :Child Development &The Process of Learning --Shipra Publication Vikas 

Marg Shakarpur ,Delhi

 Tharpe Louis P --Child Psychology & Development --The Ronald Press Company, NewYork

 Grover Sarla--Child Development --Kiran Gupta Printwell Publication Tilak Nagar Jaipur

 Tandon R.K.-- Child Psychology --APH Publishing Corporation Darya Ganj , New Del