Gujarati Psycological Test

Psychological tests are to be filled as part of the BEd course

all questions are mandatory, 

2. Vic is internal.

3, the number shown on the right side of each question shows its total marks.

 1 (a) Write the answers to two of the following three questions, |

 08 1. Describe the state of the mother tongue in the present tense.  

2, four factors affecting language development.  Charyo 

3, clarified the importance of Manubhasha education.  

(B) Answer any one of the following two questions.  

1, Weave the stages of mother tongue development.  

2. Celebrate the meaning of mother tongue, discuss its components. 

 2 (Rae લ Write the answer to any two of the following three questions.

 1 Write any four rules of spelling, all daharajna articles,

 2. Karmadharaya. Explain the subjunctive, plural and intermediate phrasing examples.  Write the answer to a question.

 06 1 Write the types of pronouns with examples. 

2. Explain the vowel and consonant of Gujarati language, note the table of consonant pronunciation.  For this, prepare a subject-oriented skills note.

 4 Questions will discuss the decline of fluency skills in a short story. 

3. Note the importance of micro-teaching. 08 H - 1010051 Contd. Scanned with CamScanner 

(b)  Prepare a puppet crop using Nizam Pati for the teaching of Tapurush Sama Sana.  Explain the importance of valence 

2. Not the general objectives of mother tongue education  Note, 

3. Describe the steps of micro-teaching lesson planning. 

 (B) Write the answer to any one of the following questions.

  1, Discuss the professional qualities of the mother tongue teacher.  .  Keeping in view the following points, Ravi Shankar Maharaj prepared the stralation fund of the unit. 

 Task 06 14 5 Break the answers to any of the seven questions from the following ten questions 

1, Explain the language and the audible form. 

 2. Explain the meaning of mother tongue, who should be called 

3 characters?  How many years are there in Gujarati language?  

4, What is a compound? 

 5, Type of Sada Notes 

6, Write the type of Karta and Kriti of ‘Bano Wado’,


 1, Briefly introduce Ravishankar Maharaj.  8. What are specific purposes ?.  g, What is the educational qualification to be a mother tongue teacher?  , 

10, Arrange the following words according to the dictionary.  

1 Meditation, this throat, raft.  Kinarau

 2 Horizon, Aspiration, Life, Shaan H - 1010051 2 1950 / 9-69)