Shri Govind Guru University Syllabus in Force from June 2018 Semester-4 English (L.L.) 

Total Credit-4 External-70 Internal-30 

Objectives of the Course:

 After going through the course, the teacher trainee will be able... to acquire knowledge of basic language skills. to acquire knowledge and mastery over methods, approaches and techniques of teaching English as second / foreign language. to know planning and procedures for teaching English (LL) in formal classroom and informal environment. to develop skills in creating writing. 

to get the knowledge of different types of tests. to develop skills to evaluate performance of learner through written, oral or other types of tests.

 to teach various areas like, prose, poetry, grammar, composition. to make use of various modern gadgets and non-projection devices in classroom effectively.

 Unit-1 : Unit lesson plan, Evaluation and ICT in Teaching English Unit Lesson Plan : 

Concept, steps, importance, characteristics of an ideal unit plan, model of unit lesson plan. 

1.1 Blueprint : Concept, importance, three dimensional table of blue-print, preparation of blueprint and an ideal question paper, types of questions and test items.

 1.2 Use of Modern Gadgets like Multimedia projector, interactive white board, computer and internet. 

1.3 Use of Non-projection devices like chalk-boards, pictures, charts, photographs, flannel board. 

Unit-2 :Teaching Language skills Basic Language Skills: 

2.1 Listening: Meaning, types of listening, importance, sub skills, techniques and activities to develop listening skill of students. 55 / 75

 2.2 Speaking: Meaning, sub-skills, importance of oral work, te work,

2.3 Reading: Meaning, types of reading, methods of teaching reading, sub-skills. 

2.4 Writing: Meaning, importance, sub-skills, characteristics of goodHandwriting, ways of improving handwriting.

 Unit-3 :Prose, Poetry, Grammar and Composition

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To develop the skills to analyzed and evaluate English syllabus and textbook

 To have a formal and functional knowledge of some elements of English grammar

 To be acquainted and to develop the qualities of a good teacher

 To acquire knowledge and mastery over methods and approaches of teaching English as 

second/foreign language.

 To get the knowledge of Stress, Intonation and Rhythm in English language

 To make use of related literature in teaching English as second / foreign language

 To develop the skills to organize English curriculum

Unit: 1 Evaluation of English Textbook and Grammar

1.1 Criteria of textbook evaluation, Textbook as a resource: Evaluation of English textbook o