B.Ed. Semester -4

BED1C401 : Introduction of Educational Research

TotalCredit- 4 Internal -30

External - 70

Objectives of the course:

After going through the course the teacher trainee will be able:

The meaning of research, characteristic, Need & Importance and types of research in 

education and its implications for educationalresearch.

The characteristics of Philosophical, Psychological and Sociological researches in 


The different steps of EducationalResearch.

Various steps in the research processing

The techniques of developing a research proposal.

The meaning of techniques of researchhypothesis & Sampling.

Various type of Hypothesis and theirtesting 

UNIT-1 Research in Education

Meaning of Research & EducationalResearch

Characteristic of EducationalResearch

Types of Research (Basic, Applied and Action research.):Meaning, characteristic 

and Limitation for each types

Importance of Educational Research forTeachers

Unit-2 Selection of Problem in Research, Review of related literature and Drafting 

the Proposal

Criteria of selection of a good research problem

Definition of key terms of research work

Review of related literature, Sources of relatedliterature

Drafting a research proposal

Unit-3 Research Method, Variable, Hypothesis and Sampling Technique

Research Method: Historical, Experimental and Survey

Variable: meaning and itstypes

Hypothesis: meaning and types, various techniques of testing hypothesis

Sampling Technique: Meaning of Population and Sample, Importance of sampling, 

Characteristics of a good sample,sampling techniques (Probability, 

Judgment), Advantages and limitations of different types of sample,Data 

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analysis techniques.

Unit-4 Steps in the research process

Identifying the problem, Objectives and Hypothesis or Research Question

Reviewing related Literature,Variables

Methods of research, sampling procedure

Tools to be used and preparation, Data collection,