Shri Govind Guru University

Syllabus in Force from June 2018


B.Ed.Sem 2 Old Method Pepar

Social Science

Total Credit- 04 Internal - 30

External - 70

Objectives of the course:

After going through the course the teacher trainee will be able:

To acquire a conceptual understanding of the nature of Social Science

 Plan lessons, Units based on different approaches to facilitate learning of Social 


 To enable student teachers examine the prevailing pedagogical practices in classroom 

critically and to reflect on the desired changes

 To acquire basic knowledge and skills to analyze and transact the Social Sciences

 To sensitize and equip student teachers to handle social issues

 Realize her/his role as facilitator in enhancing Social Sciences learning in the real

classroom situation.

 Explore the use and relevance of different learning resources and materials in learning 

different units in Social Sciences.

 Develop learning materials on selected units to facilitate learning in Social Sciences.

 Understand different ways of assessing learner performance and providing additional 

support to the learners

 Reflect upon her/his own experiential knowledge in the process of becoming a Social 

Science teacher.

 To acquire knowledge of differentiate lesson planning & unit planning in relation to

Social Science

 To develop the skill of preparing ideal question paper according to blueprint in Social 


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1.1 Lecture method : Meaning, definition, merits and demerits, role of teacher for 

its effective use.

Source method : Meaning, definition, types, merits and demerits, role of 

teacher for its effective use. 

1.2 Project method: Meaning, definition, steps of project method, merits and demerits, role of teacher for its effective use.

1.3 Group discussion Method : Meaning, definition, merits and demerits, role of 

teacher for its effective use.