Subject: - Regarding giving guidelines for conducting online admission in Std. 1 free of cost in non-subsidized private primary schools in the academic year 2061-6 under RTE Act.

  Reference: - According to the above subject and reference, the right to free and compulsory education of children Act-2006 and also the free and compulsory education of children.  Provision has been made by the Education Department with a resolution dated 7/7/2050 to determine the procedure for admission of children from weak and deprived groups in non-subsidized private primary school in Std.  Therefore, the following instructions are given for free admission procedure in Std. 1 under RTE in the academic year 2021-2.  

R.T.E.  An advertisement has been published in various Gujarati newspapers on 20/06/2021 for admission under.  A copy of the said advertisement as well as the resolution of the education department has been sent to you by the office here, which you are asked to study in detail and implement strictly.  (

1) (2) acuzat https://rte.orpgujarat.com/42 Online Form Filling Date: 6/02/2081 to 08/06/2021. 

 Details of the documents required to fill up the online form are given in the link to the required document on the webportal.  The period from 31/03/2021 to 3/06/2021 has been given to the parents to get the required time to collect this document.  

(3) R.T.E.  Under the Act, children eligible for admission are advised to spread the word widely in electronic / print media in your district so that they do not miss out on filling up the online form.

(2) The process of submitting the application form at the Receiving Center along with the required documents during the main admission process has been canceled due to coVID-19 global epidemic.  At the time of filling up the online form, the guardian has to upload the required proofs such as proof of date of birth, proof of residence, proof of caste / category, as well as proof of income for category number: 5, 6, 11, 12 and 13).  The print form of the online form should be kept by the guardian. The form filled online should not be submitted anywhere.  You are asked to spread the word about this matter from your level.  

(2) In order to provide guidance to the parents, a banner should be made and all the necessary information such as admission category, income limit, required documents, where to get the document, age limit, required information to fill online form, admission procedure program etc. should be displayed on the notice board of the district office and  If necessary, help desk will have to be set up at taluka level.  About which the district level will have to be publicized through local newspapers.  

(3) To publish the details of the district office with full address and the information of the district level helpline number in the local newspaper so that it is easy for the parents.  As well as the details of the helpline number will have to be updated accurately on the web portal. 

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 (3) Until the admission process is completed, the help center / helpline number should be started at the district level.  (2) DEO / DPEO from 08/06/2021 to date.  The work of approving / rejecting all the online applications has to be completed by 10/08/2071.  The DEO / DPEO will have to show the exact reason for rejecting the admission form as shown on the web portal.  Do not write "Rejected for other reasons."  In order to approve / reject the applications received online within the time limit, more employees / officers will have to be assigned if necessary. 

 (2) The Receiving Center has been closed due to the current coVID-19 global epidemic.  So, a helpline has been started at the district level to help the parents.  This helpline number should provide proper guidance to the parents regarding admission, compulsory uploading of required documents along with the online application as well as giving relevant guidance regarding admission.  

(10) To keep in view the appointment of knowledgeable staff / officers about the RTE admission process at the district / taluka helpdesk.  The said employees / officers should be informed about the admission announcement, list of required documents from where the applicant can get it, copy of FAQ etc.  So that the problem of the applicant can be properly resolved.