Sciense lesson 1 to 2

 Growth and Development - Meaning and Principles [Growth and Development - Meaning & Principles] At every moment of life a person is unconsciously associated with the process of internal and external change.

 A child is protected and nurtured in the mother's womb, it is born, it grows up, it grows old, its body changes every moment till it dies.  Up to a certain age, the body parts of a person continue to grow in a certain way and in a certain direction.

 E.g.  A person's hands, feet and some parts of the body continue to grow up to a certain age.  This pattern of growth is universal. 

That is, the physical organs of any country in the world continue to grow up to a certain age.  However, such changes in the body cannot be seen at the moment they are taking place. 

The cumulative effect of many days of growth process is seen in the long run.  As soon as any child is born, its body parts do not grow in one day.  A young man does not grow a beard in a single day, nor does an old man get wrinkles in a single day.

 Many such processes of mental, physical and emotional growth and/or development are ongoing in the human mind and body.  Due to which a person becomes young, old, grown up, gets knowledge, becomes social, becomes serious, becomes enthusiastic, becomes lonely, becomes active or passive. 

All these are symptoms of growth and development.  Some of these things develop naturally while some things develop due to the surrounding environment of a person.  Physical growth is a natural process. 

Whether we like it or not, certain changes happen in our body parts at times.  Whereas mental, social or emotional development is highly dependent on the environment of the individual.


Where he lives, with whom he lives, what activities he does, how much mental effort he takes, how he deals with other people, how people deal with him.

Many such things affect the social and emotional development of a person.