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TATION 201 OF SEPART ne ARTBEE OR TOT & TOIT RECTUIT DIRICAT 741 5 HI [ J is recommended to teach communication, critical and creative thinking, problem solving, etc.  Apart from this, it is also recommended to teach vocational skills to the students.  For this, it is necessary that the teachers teaching the students are also judged by such skills.

  For the developmental development of students, the subject will require teachers who have some inter-disciplinary and multi-disciplinary skill sets in addition to literary subjects, i.e. a science graduate should have knowledge of literature, a literature graduate should have knowledge of science, Vinayana Natak.  There will be a need for teachers who have knowledge of commerce as well.  Such teachers will be able to teach skills like computers, vocational education, drawing, music, art, sports etc. which are necessary for the overall development of the student along with their literacy subject matter expertise. 

In the changing educational world, it is imperative for teachers to learn new things in the future.  Also, in the changing educational perspective, it is necessary to develop a specific method of identifying teachers with the above skills in the interest of students and education to meet the changes in the subjects and content to be taught in schools in the coming time.  In the changing educational perspective it is also necessary that the teacher is talented and has mastery over the languages ​​according to the Tribhasha Sutra.

 The process to identify teachers with such special skills also needs to be more intensive.  Rabab U 52 stated that it was under Sardarthi's consideration to create a specific examination system to identify candidates with spout-wise knowledge, inter-disciplinary and multi-disciplinary skills (Inter-Disciplinary and Multi-Disciplinary Skill Set). 

By the resolution dated 19 / 07 / 2019 by the J Parth Department for the recruitment of teachers in state government and non-government aided secondary and higher secondary schools, Teacher Aptitude Test - Secondary (TAT Secondary), Teacher Aptitude Test - Higher 2nd Secondary (TAT- Higher Secondary)  ) committee was constituted to change the structure of  The meeting was organized by the said committee on 03/08/2019 and 03/09/2019.  According to the deliberations made in these meetings, the report was prepared by the committee by letter dated 30/11/2019. 

This matter was under the active consideration of S2 Ka2 Shri.  It is hereby decided to conduct 'Teacher Aptitude Test - TAT' from time to time with bi-level format to test the ability of the candidates to achieve the objective of quality education as per the goals of National Education Policy 2020 and Misha Schools of Akrala.  is  The following procedure is to be followed for this 'Teacher Aptitude Test'. 1.


 Apprenticeship Aptitude Tests: The following Teacher Aptitude Tests will be conducted for Secondary and Higher Secondary Sections for candidature as teachers in Government and Private Secondary Schools registered in Gujarat State and in Government and Private Higher Secondary Schools a) Teacher Aptitude Test (Martamak) b) Teacher Aptitude Test (  Candidates who qualify for Higher Mamik) Teacher Bharnach Test (Secondary) and Teacher Bharuchi Koti (Higher Secondary) can give both the above tests if they wish.  2.

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 Organisation: The 'Teacher Aptitude Test' will be organized by the State Examination Board, Gandhinagar.

The State Examination Board will prepare literature on the policies, instructions and guidelines for the Teacher Aptitude Test.  The examination fee for Teacher Aptitude Test shall be as fixed by the State Examination Board from time to time.  2 and determined by CASTIN DEPARTMED a # of - GUJARAT